Ten Years Old!

May 8, 2013


Me and Riley on my 10th birthday

Me and Riley on my 10th birthday.                                         Check out the maltese-shaped cake!

I had my birthday yesterday and I am ten years old. I hear that is a milestone. Don’t believe all this stupid math about one dog year equal seven human years. It really doesn’t work that way. And no one would think I was a day over, well, five, maybe. I don’t really understand all this number stuff any way. I just know I am healthy and look fabulous. My hair is beautiful, my teeth are clean, my eyes are bright and there is a definite jaunt in my step. I can bark as loud as ever and run with the big dog. Every year the vet asks if my appetite is good. I am a schnauzer, for heaven’s sake! Of course my appetite is good.

Speaking of birthdays and appetites, what a great day! I went to work with Mom and joined everyone in their staff meeting, which means all the staff was there. They had cupcakes for my birthday and I ate an orange one and a white one. They were mini-cupcakes, I think because I am a mini-schnauzer. So I had one plus one. We went for a walk around downtown and I thought – or hoped – I would get to go in another restaurant like I did the last time I played Toto. No such luck. After we left the church we headed to the pet store where I got to sniff everything and get one plus one treats at the checkout. I got the plus one because it was my birthday. I love birthdays. On the drive home, Mom gave me one of the new treats she bought.

I did get a bit upset when we got home because no one gave me my kibble and it was getting late – well past my supper time. The thought was that I had been eating all day and should be ok for a while. Soon I found out why I didn’t get my kibble…Mom cooked me a Healthy Choice dinner and I sat at the table and ate with Mom and Dad. Mom held the fork for me and helped me eat the green beans, chicken, sweIMAG0614et potatoes and wild rice. Yummy! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, it did – white cake with lots of frosting. I had to share with Riley, but he still didn’t get to sit on a chair at the table like me.

Birthdays are the best, especially when they are mine!

Lexi, the birthday girl

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