RILEY’S DIARY: Mastered the Gate

August 4th 2013
Hi friends! Have I ever mentioned how much I hate walking into the dog lot. It is where we do our business. And everyone expects me to walk there and get all that nasty stuff on my beautiful paws. Even after the poo gets cleaned up, there must be some of it left in the grass not to mention the pee areas. I can smell it all and I don’t want to walk around there. So I came up with a solution. The gate is only one step off the patio, so if I can get through the gate, I have a whole big yard as well as a wooded areas where I can go to do my business. Mom has taught me to stay in the yard and not go in the road, so I mostly stay in the yard. Sometimes I go in the woods behind the house and sometimes down into the neighbor’s yard, too. But I always stay within earshot – of course, I have very good ears and can run very fast when called. When I am lucky, Mom opens the gate so I don’t have to go into that nasty area.

I have also figured out how to open the latch on the gate. It is really quite easy. I just flip it up with my nose, then push the gate open. To defeat that, Dad put a cotter pin in the hole under the latch.

Last week I was out running around the yard and decided I wanted to come back in, so I just opened the gate and came in. It was shut to keep my sisters from getting out. They aren’t as good as me about staying home. Lily just starts running like a crazy dog, and Lexi heads down through the neighbors yards looking like she has a destination in mind. Some day I will have to follow her and find out where she is going and what she is doing. Anyhow, they weren’t out in the yard, so the cotter pin wasn’t used and it was easy to open the gate.

I have been studying the cotter pin and think I understand how it works. The only thing is, I will have to grab it with my teeth to pull it out.

I am a bit particular about what I put in my mouth, too. I miss out on some treats that way because I take too long sniffing them and trying to decide if it is something I want to put in my mouth. Lexi ends up getting those treats because Mom gets tired of waiting on me to make up my mind.

It’s not that I am dull, I just think about things a lot. If I was dull I would just grab any food put in front of my face, like Lexi. Ha, ha, I finally got one on Lexi. Boy will she be mad if she finds out I said this. So don’t tell her, ok? I get tired of her barking at me sometimes, but I am not allowed to make an ugly face at her. It doesn’t seem fair, even if I am over three times as big as her. What us brothers have to put up with! I really do love her, and even more than that I want Mom to always love me. So I will be good to Lexi.

I hope everyone plays and has lots of fun today.


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