Boat good, lake warm, Riley defects

September 16, 2013
Mom and I didn’t get to go to the lake at all in August. She and my dad kept going out of town and leaving me with my people brother – actually, leaving my people brother at the house with me. I am not sure who was watching whom. And it rained a lot all month so we still couldn’t go boating even when she was home.

Now it is September and the days are warm and the sun is shining and the weekends are for boating! I got in the water and swam around the pontoon three times yesterday. I mean, I got in the water three times and swam around the boat at least once each time. Just enough to cool off. Oh, that is the life!

The only thing better is that Riley has moved in downstairs with Andrew et al. I hardly ever see him. He is sleeping in bed with them every night and Mom took his food bin downstairs. Now I am the only dog in bed with Mom and Dad and have peace all day.

Yes, life is good.

Lexi, the excellent swimmer and only dog (again)

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