I am blogging

January 15, 2014
I can’t believe it has been since September that my Mom helped me to bark a new blog – I learned this is called a blog, so I may use that word a lot for a while. I know Mom’s been busy, but come on! My blogs are quite important, probably more important than anything except my breakfast and supper and snacks. Definitely more important than brushing and bathing me and she sure has found plenty of time for that.

While it is true that to the casual observer I don’t have much to blog about lately, I do stay busy keeping my Dad on track. He works from home, mostly on his computer, so I am not really sure why he couldn’t write my blogs all day. What he is doing could not be more important …or so I thought. Dad has now informed me that my blogging won’t buy me treats or supper, so I had better leave him alone to do his own work. I still forget sometimes, especially when my tummy is growling in the middle of the day and I want my morning go-to-the-mailbox treat or my afternoon after-school treat. No, we don’t go down to the mailbox most mornings now, and I definitely don’t go to school, but that should not interfere with my treat schedule! I try to be helpful by going in his office and reminding him – often. Can you believe he pushes me out and shuts his door? Harrumph! That’s the noise I make when he does that. Not that it does any good.

On with my blog…

My beautiful hair has been growing very long and curly since the weather started turning cold. Mom knows I hate wearing clothes, so she lets my shiny black hair grow to keep me warm. I thought, “Yes! No more grooms!” But Mom still combs me and trims my legs and face and bathes me. Darn. I should have her post – another new word I just learned – a new picture of me in all my hairy glory.

Christmas was good with lots of soft, homemade doggie cookies. Mom made pizza flavored cookies, pumpkin pie flavored cookies and peanut butter cookies. I love them all, but the pizza ones are my favorite.

I have started back with Freestyle. It seems Mom and I have both forgotten a lot, so we work together on it most nights. Not for long, but it is fun and I get treats because I am such a smart girl. I do like to show off what a good dancer I am.

I guess that is all for my blog today. It is time to post it. Blog, blog, blog. BOL!

Lexi, the Blogger

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