Almost a Disaster!

February 9, 2014
My Auntie Jen called this afternoon and even with my good doggie ears I couldn’t understand most of what she was saying. She was something called “hysterical.” My little cousin Piper – you remember Piper the schnauzer who lived with us for a while with his brother Milo – anyhow, my little cousin Piper got attacked by a big mean dog and all bit up. He lost part of his ear, too. The other dog actually ate it! Eeeewwww. That’s called cannibalism, and is just not acceptable in our part of the world.

My mom is Auntie Jen’s “person” so she always calls her when something important happens. I wanted to go therapize her (and Piper)  but we live too far away. Six hours away, to be exact. Mommy prayed a lot and so did I and so did my dad. Piper got to the vet in time and is going to be ok. He has holes in his head and his neck and is all bandaged up. My Auntie Jen is all bandaged up too because the big mean dog bit her real bad too.

Mom and I are proud of her, though. Once the big mean dog got dragged off of Piper (with Piper’s ear in his mouth) Auntie Jen threw herself on top of Piper and Milo so that bad dog couldn’t hurt them anymore. She’s a good Mommy.  Piper is going to be ok. Yes, I know, I already said that, and important things are worth repeating, right? And this is really, really important.

I think if my big brother Riley was there he would have killed that bad dog. He loves Piper a lot. Piper is his little buddy. At the very least, he would have done everything he could to protect Piper.

I hope that bad dog doesn’t hurt anyone else. She should be ashamed of herself and not get any treats. She should have to give Piper all her treats forever.

Lexi, the good dog

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