Why is Mom home?

Mom has been home a lot lately. She isn’t jumping – or crawling – out of bed before daylight and putting on clothes and makeup and leaving me here at home without her. Something suspicious is going on. On the good side, she is taking me for more walks and we are going places together in the car, like the bank and the hardware store. The tellers at the bank all were looking out the window at me and thought I was so adorable that I got three – count them, three! – biscuits instead of just one. Mom tried to hide one in her purse, but when she turned her head I grabbed it and went as far away from her as I could to eat it. I took and ate it for lots of reasons: 1. I wanted it; 2. I hadn’t had any lunch; 3. It smelled good; 4. I don’t think Mom should eat it; 5. My tummy wasn’t full to bursting yet; 6. It was mine; 7. I wanted it.

Don’t you think those were all good reasons for me to take the biscuit? But I was talking about Mom being home, wasn’t I?

Sometimes she stays home when she is sick, but she doesn’t seem sick. The first two days I did therapy on her, staying close by her side, because I could tell something was wrong. She has been using her computer a lot, and she says she is ok, but I can sense something. She did go into work today – I could smell it on her – but not at her usual time.

She is eating a cookie now, so I have to go stare at her.

Lexi, the puzzled schnauzer

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