The Starving Schnauzer

Once again Mom left early in the morning without me. This is the third day in a row she has done that. I think that means she finally got a job to keep me in kibble.

 Speaking of kibble, I am so over the food she has been putting in my dish. It is a pretty dish. It is all shiny metal inside, and the outside is green with doggie paw prints on it. I licked the paw prints; they don’t taste like dog paws. They don’t taste like anything. And the shiny inside doesn’t help make this kibble taste any better. The kibble is salmon and sweet potato. OK, so I liked it a lot at first. But how many years ago was that? I am really tired of it. Image

That makes for problems because I don’t want to eat it but I don’t want anyone else to eat it either. That means I have to guard it.  For my birthday Mom got me canned food to put on it, so what flavor did she get? Salmon and sweet potato. Geesh! If she likes that food combination so much, maybe she should eat it. Maybe I should just stop eating until she gets me something better. That should show her!

Lexi, the starving schnauzer









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