Lily’s Gone

Last week was a sad week around home. My sister Lily was dying. I could tell. Even Riley knew. He came up to my Dad’s office where Lily was lying on her bed. After he smelled her for a while he laid down on Lily’s bed next to her. He never lies down next to her or me. Maybe he isn’t such a bad sort after all. Dad had us all say goodbye to Lily before he took her back to her other home to be with her mom. He has never done that before.

It hasn’t been long since I last saw my schnauzer buddy Milo. He was terribly sick, and after he went back home with him mom, he had to be “put to sleep.” I hate those words. I know I will never see Milo again. My Auntie Jen has been so sad.

 I stayed home with Dad yesterday when Mom went to the church to work. That’s how I know he got a phone call that made him cry.  Today I am at the office sleeping working with Mom. Dad said he wanted to be alone. No one told me this, but I don’t think Lily is coming back. I have been through this before, and I am beginning to understand. I hate when everyone is so sad.

The Temperamental Thespian Schnauzer

Weekend two of the play is over. Friday night my people brothers and Jentry and the boy came to watch me perform. I wish Riley had come too. He could have seen how it is done – not that he could ever do it.  Nobody told me I was going to have to perform two times on Saturday. That’s just too much. At the second show I got through the first two scenes – my favorites – where I run out onto the stage to Grayson. Then I wanted to go home. I was tired and hungry and the treats weren’t coming fast enough. Mom was trying to make one cheese stick last through two performances. That’s not right, it’s a cheat. And it is me who is being cheated. So I ran off the stage every chance I got. Mom got mad at me, but I don’t care. What are they going to do, fire me? I don’t think so. They will never find another Toto as good as me, especially on such short notice – or ever! I have rested and am ready now to be on stage again this weekend. I am Lexi, the temperamental thespian schnauzer.

My Thoughts on Being Toto

I am back!

Everyone still says, “Ahhhhh” the first time I run out onto the stage.

I like Grayson, who plays the part of Dorothy. She is the keeper of the treats.

I like the Lion – no one has told me his name. He is soft and I am comfy when he holds me.

I like the flying monkey. He isn’t used to dogs, but he loves me and I am sweet to him so he will know that dogs are good. I have to be reminded to run when he puts me down. Grayson yells, “Run, Toto, run!” and Mommy is in the wings waving a cheese stick for me to come eat. That helps me remember.

I like the wicked witch. We remember each other from last time. She gave me a present, some bling for my collar. I like bling.

The trees do not scare me this time.

I have to remember to stay away from the edge of the stage where it drops way down into the music pit. I can feel Mommy’s fear every time I get too close to it. Sometimes Grayson calls to me when I get too close.

I am doing a good job. Everyone says so. Once in a while I run off stage to my Mom so she can tell me I am doing a good job. I need that reassurance at times.

I am Toto. Hear me bark.

Wizard Weekend

Rehearsals are over. Every night for a week we didn’t get home and in bed until eleven o’clock. Mom and I were exhausted. We were barely getting to work the next day.  And there was too much to do for us to sleep at work. Our schedule was get up, eat breakfast (me), go to work, eat lunch (Mom),  starve the schnauzer, go to the theater, rehearse and get treats (me), go home, get a treat (me) and go to bed. Over and over again. I lost a whole pound.

 The first weekend of the Wizard of Oz is history. I am a star. Of course. Again.  On opening night, those munchkins kept getting in my way. They started dancing as I was entering from stage right and almost danced me right off the front of the stage. Now that would have been an opening night to remember! It shook me up. I wasn’t myself the rest of the night. The next night Mom adjusted my entrance to be from stage left. It is working much better.

After  my bows, I greeted the audience in the lobby. No one brought me any treats. Saturday night my Dad was there and he held me while everyone pet me and asked if I was his dog. He had the honor of saying yes. I was really tired from my performance so I laid quietly in his arms. However, when he put me down, I tried to go down the hall to where I could smell the Mexican food from some other event that was happening there. I am never too tired for food.

I am Lexi, the Thespian Schnauzer.