My Thoughts on Being Toto

I am back!

Everyone still says, “Ahhhhh” the first time I run out onto the stage.

I like Grayson, who plays the part of Dorothy. She is the keeper of the treats.

I like the Lion – no one has told me his name. He is soft and I am comfy when he holds me.

I like the flying monkey. He isn’t used to dogs, but he loves me and I am sweet to him so he will know that dogs are good. I have to be reminded to run when he puts me down. Grayson yells, “Run, Toto, run!” and Mommy is in the wings waving a cheese stick for me to come eat. That helps me remember.

I like the wicked witch. We remember each other from last time. She gave me a present, some bling for my collar. I like bling.

The trees do not scare me this time.

I have to remember to stay away from the edge of the stage where it drops way down into the music pit. I can feel Mommy’s fear every time I get too close to it. Sometimes Grayson calls to me when I get too close.

I am doing a good job. Everyone says so. Once in a while I run off stage to my Mom so she can tell me I am doing a good job. I need that reassurance at times.

I am Toto. Hear me bark.

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