I am back from Oz

I am back from Oz, and Kansas too, for that matter. I understood that Saturday night was my last performance – maybe forever – so I gave it my all. Everyone loves  loved loves me. I am still the star. I never really bonded with Grayson, the pretend Dorothy, but she was good for treats.  Speaking of treats, all my baked pumpkin treats and all the cheese sticks are gone. How sad.

My kennel is back in my closet at home. Once again, my Toto groom has given way to my Schnauzer groom. T???????????????????he insides of my ears are irritated from being shaved and I keep shaking my head. I heard someone ask about a cast party. I sure hope the cast all still recognize me groomed like this. That’s ok, I will remind them who I am, the Toto.

 I know my Dad is still sad about losing Lily. I’ve been sitting on his lap more and even sleeping in the bed more. I don’t want him to start thinking about getting another dog.

 Last night I dreamed I was on the stage again. It was my favorite part, the very first scene. I ran out to Grayson aka Dorothy, and the audience all said, “Awwwwww.” My legs were running so fast that I think I woke up Mom. I know I woke up me.

 Today, Dad set up a funny-looking black box downstairs, right where Mom comes in the door from the garage. Then he put a beautiful treat on a real people plate on the top step, just before the door to our living area. He showed me so that I would know where to find it when someone came along and opened up the door. I was hoping real hard that Riley didn’t get it first. Dad heard the garage door open the same time as I did, right when Mom should be home from work. He grabbed me up, turned on the music, and ran down the hall into the bedroom with me. Suddenly I heard the soul-filling music of Over the Rainbow. I started to shake uncontrollably. The door opened, Dad put me down, and I ran down the hall to my Mom – and ate the treat. Maybe I’m back in Kansas, after all.