When it’s just you and your Dad at home

I have a good life. It’s because I have everyone trained. I used to go to work with Mom only on Thursdays. Now I go to the church to work on Wednesdays and Fridays and to her other office on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I know my days and am always ready to go. We all stay home on the weekend, so that’s ok. On Mondays I stay home with my Dad. It took a while, but he is finally trained. He gets up very early and lets me out to do my potty. Then he feeds me, always adding the special topping to my kibble. I usually go back to bed for a few hours, then get up in time to pester Dad  politely ask Dad to let me out and then to give me my mid-morning treat. A little later I join Dad for lunch and another trip outside.  At 1:00 sharp Riley and I accompany Dad down the driveway to the mailbox and get our get-the-mail treat.  If someone else has already brought up the mail, we still get our get-the-mail treat. It is only fair. At 3:00 I get my after-school-treat. I always remind Dad if he forgets. Of course I do not attend school, but The Boy does, and I think he gets out of school sometime around 3:00. That is a good time and reason to ask for a treat, as well as to go back out.

It is never too late in the day to practice dominance. Here is how to practice at bedtime with your dad:

First get your dad's attention by stretch- ing out on top of him.

First get your dad’s attention by stretching out on top of him.

Then sit up so he can scratch your pits. That also digs your front feet into his chest.

Then sit up so he can scratch your pits. That also digs your front feet into his chest, so he can’t forget you are there..

If he stops, resume the down position and stare intently at him.

If he stops, resume the down position and stare intently at him while scratching at his hand.

Got all that?

Got all that?

It's hard to stay awake when it is bedtime, but sacri- fices have to be made.

It’s hard to stay awake when it is bedtime, but sacrifices have to be made.

Domination plan: successful

Domination plan: successful

I have also taught Dad about the “schnauzer portion.” No matter what he eats, I get a bite. That is, unless it is too spicy and will cause my tummy problems, then he “looks out for me.” That means I don’t get my schnauzer portion. Sometimes at lunch he forgets if he gave me my schnauzer portion and I get another one. I never admit to the first one – I always want more I wouldn’t want him to feel badly that he forgot.

At supper I sit at the table with Mom and Dad. Unlike on my birthday, I do not get my own plate. Mom usually gives me something, and Dad, as I said, is trained to give me the schnauzer portion. I think I have Mom trained too; if it looks like Dad is going to finish without sharing, Mom says, “Did you give Lexi her ‘schnauzer portion?’”

Some of my wonderful new friends get a bit stressed when their moms leave for work in the morning. I know it is because they have been abandoned earlier in their lives.  Friends, I hope you see this and understand that your forever mom will be back, and until she returns, you have all day to work on training your dad. He will appreciate the closeness, the interaction, and knowing he is learning to do everything exactly how you want it done. Tip: Be sure the house is stocked with plenty of treats before you begin the training. Sometimes, he will even beg your mom to take you to work with her. I am sure it is so she can benefit from your training techniques as well. Either way, you win.

I am Lexi, the trainer.

7 thoughts on “When it’s just you and your Dad at home

  1. Actually, Dad told Mom she had it wrong. It is “schnauzer portion.” That is bigger than a bite, he said. So that is even better. She has now corrected it in my blog. He also corrected “Go to the mailbox” It should have been “Get the mail.” I can tell Mom wouldn’t do well if Dad went out to work and left her at home alone with me. No one would know what she was talking about and I would have to start in with the training again. Jeesh!
    I am excited about tomorrow too, with my sweet breath and clean teeth!!!


  2. Hahahahahahaah… brilliant, I’m getting there on my training, but sometimes I get a little impatient and have been known to pull Mrs P’s hair
    LOL Beloved is such a soft touch I give him my best puppy eyes to get my own way. Thanks for all the top tips
    Love Oscar xx


  3. Persistence, my friend. And consistency. And timing. Wait until he is lying down where it is easier for you and harder for him to resist. Keep trying, and do it every day. Never give up.
    Walking in bad weather, Hmmm. Mom doesn’t do that to me, mostly because we have a fenced in yard and she can stay dry and warm while I go out to potty in the cold and wet. But here’s what I would do: hide under the bed.


  4. Good job, Lexi. You might need to train ME to be a trainer too. I think I’m getting there, but sometimes my daddy ignores me when I want to lick his ears. Also, my humans keep wanting to take me for walks in this yucky, slushy, cold weather. How do I make them stop?!


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