My Long-Awaited Valentine’s Day Date With Lexi

My wonderful friend Noodle gave me the best Valentine’s Day ever. You can get to know Noodle better by visiting his blog:

The Adventures of Noodle

What a wonderful, incredible day I had with Lexi!

It started when I picked her up at her house. Lexi told me she doesn’t like icky heart candies with writing on them so I had to get super creative. All dogs love one thing: BACON! So, I put my skills to work (by asking mom), and got a bouquet of bacon roses to give her:

bacon roses

All ready to go, I got in the car and drove to her house in Tennessee. It was a long drive but it was SO worth it. After a quick “hello” to her Mom and Dad, and making sure her “roses” were safely hidden, we were off to NYC!

Lexi and Noodle driving

We went straight to Central Park for our picnic and bird/squirrel chasing:

lexi and noodle central park2

And then, we topped the day off with some dancing at a local club:

lexi and noodle night club

I had such a great time with Lexi. The…

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