Freestyle dancing

I barked Mom into posting some pictures of when I last competed in Freestyle in 2012. She was very unclear with her signals, so I did a lot of what I wanted to do. Still, I was very excited about competing and taking third place. (No, Mom, I shouldn’t tell them there was only three dogs competing in that category!)

We are taking our bows before beginning. I am waiting for Mom's first cue.

Here we are taking our opening bows. I am watching Mom for my first cue to get started dancing.

I am so excited!

I am so excited!

Really moving!

Moving fast, isn’t my beard beautiful?

Through Mom's legs...

Here, I execute the under the leg weave as we keep moving forward.

I twirled to make that turn.I just made a turn by twirling around on my hind legs.

Watching for my next clue. Isn't my beard beautiful?

We are doing an Electric Slide move here to my left.

Congratulations on a job well done.All done, and getting some loving.

15 thoughts on “Freestyle dancing

  1. I am actually more of a trotter. I trot, trot, trot everywhere. However, when the occasion calls for it, I can swagger with the best of them. And rumba. So, do you go to dancing class? I could help you learn to dance ballroom. I used to teach with my Mom and then bestest friend Jeff, now my Dad, you know.


  2. Hello Dancing Lexi,
    Absolutely brilliant, I can do some of the moves you do too *excited squeal* you sure are light on your feet, I’m sorry your class has closed, I’m teaching Mrs P all sorts of new moves, Dog Training Lady says I’m doing oh so well for a pupster, I’ve a way to go to be as great as you are, keep on dancing
    PS … Mrs P wants to make me a pair of butterfly wings, what do you think bum won’t look big in them will it ???

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    • I would have to see them on you before I could say your bum looked big in them. But I guess by then it would be too late. Personally, I take a stance against clothes of any kind. And if you are a good dancer, it will only distract from your enchanting performance. By the way, I have developed more, well, more developed, rounded cheeks and have been told they look very nice on my bum. It helps with the swagger.


      • Hahahahahahaha You have surprised me, I would have thought you were more of a sashay type than a swagger, me with my posterior I’m going for swashbuckling look and I’m still ignoring all Mrs P’s constant references to butterfly wings 🙂

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    • I really, really want to. I practice my special moves as a matter of course every day: laterals, sweeps, etc. as I walk along with my Mom. I have made it part of my life. Unfortunately, Mom says the group is no longer meeting and there is nothing closer than Atlanta, almost 2 hours away. 😦


      • Lexi, I’m sorry the group is no longer meeting. Hopefully another group will form close to your home. In the meantime it’s good that you are still practicing. That way you’ll be ready when mom find another group.

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