But no one fed me….

Tonight, right before dinner time, my Dad left with Jentry and the boy. Dad didn’t feed me before he left. I don’t know if he forgot or just didn’t think it was his job, or what. Then Mom didn’t come home. She is supposed to come home and feed me my supper. I was abandoned. No food, only two bowls of water, no people with hands who could reach and scoop my kibble and yummy soft food. My nose led me downstairs where Jentry had thoughtfully left some cheese fries in a bag where I could reach them. Jentry is my bestest friend. I had to chew through the bag to get to them, but thought maybe that was a new game, like Mom hiding treats for me to find. So I played the game, got to the cheese fries and ate them – all of them. Mom and Jentry and Andrew and the boy finally came home. Mom said she needed some Lexi loving, so I got up on the couch next to her so she could pet me. Next thing I know she is asking Andrew if he had any idea why my stomach was so extended and hard and why I didn’t eat my supper. That’s when she found out about the cheese fries that my bestest friend Jentry left me. I had a lot of explaining to do.

Talking my way out of this one.

Talking my way out of this one.

Mommy, let me explain!

Mommy, let me explain!

Well, I have to go now. It is bedtime and I need to get my nite nite treat.

3 thoughts on “But no one fed me….

    • Cupcake, I didn’t know what these wonderful combinations of greasy french fries covered in melted cheese were called either until I heard my people brother say I ate them all. then I realized that “cheese fries” must be the name of all that yummy goodness I had for dinner. You’ve got to ask your mom to get you some!
      Your new friend,


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