Mom Is Deserting Me

It’s my last day at work…at least until Mom comes back. She is leaving on a plane and not taking me with her. She is going away to have fun with her friend. I feel cheated. I’m not going to have fun with anyone. Dad will still be here and Jentry said she would help take care of me. But they won’t play the “Leave it, find it” game with me or play chase or the “Rats under the covers” game.  I think the boy would throw my ball, but he doesn’t know how to do it right. Mom even said she won’t be helping me to blog until she gets back next week. I am sad.

I have to stay at home.

I have to stay at home.

10 thoughts on “Mom Is Deserting Me

  1. Mee-you Lexi iss Siddhartha Henry here…do you wanna come over with Noodle an wee can play gamess an toyss together?? LadyMum leernss new gamess quick an we can play ‘fetch’ an ‘tag’ with her!!
    Wee hopess yur Mumma has a safe trip an comess home soon to you sweet gurl.
    Sinseerlee Siddhartha Henry off Thee Purrfect Pad =^,.^=

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  2. Aww…I hate it when mom goes away…no one else seems to know that we like extra water to make the gravy for our Fancy Feast. Mom knows just how far to throw our little foam bird. It drives me crazy I say. Our mom just got back a few weeks ago from New Orleans with dad. They were gone for weeks!! Well, at least two….it isn’t fair for us. Mom says she loves the chair that you’re laying on.



    • It’s good to know someone understands. I love my chair too. It is my “at work” chair. It used to be my “at home” chair until Mom brought it and the one just like it to her office. 🙂 Mom asked me to say (from her) that you are a very beautiful cat.

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  3. We have already played chase today. Also, she has had 2 pieces of milk bone, after we came back inside, and I dried off her and Riley’s paws. Now it’s nap time with this dreary weather and quietness; in a next to empty house.


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