Mom back and pledging money from me (that I don’t have)

Mom’s back. She didn’t bring me anything. The first morning she was back, she forgot to move my stairs away from the bed, but I was good. After all, I didn’t want to have to wait for my surprise to be discovered and the sheets to be changed before I could go to bed that night.

Have I ever mentioned that we (Mom and Me) listen to NPR every day on the way to and from work? Well, we do. Most of the time. Except when something comes on that Mom doesn’t want to hear, and she pushes a button to change to some country station. There are a lot of country music stations to choose from here in Tennessee. I don’t mind as long as Mom doesn’t play it too loud. Once again, I have gotten off on a bunny trail. Squirrel trail is more like it. I never see bunnies around our house, but there are lots of squirrels. Although there might be a bunny trail now that we are so close to Easter. I will have to check that out.

Where I was going with this is that the last two weeks have been “give us money” time for the local station that plays NPR. Mom has been mostly tuning to the country stations during this time. Yesterday morning she heard the guy who talks on the local “give us money” radio station say it was Battle of the Dogs and Cats Day. The score was dogs-9, cats-5, corn snake-1. I don’t know what the corn snake thought he was doing in this battle. The idea of giving dogs another point prompted Mom to dig her phone out of her purse  and call the radio station while driving zig zag back and forth up the mountain. It was scary exciting and she managed to make it to our turn at the top without plunging off the side. I would have offered to drive, but my legs don’t reach the peddles. Actually, I can get my legs on the peddles, but then I can’t see over the steering wheel, or even over the seat, for that matter!

While still driving, Mom talked to the person who answered the phone and had to spell my name twice for him. I was hoping it was so he could mail treats to me.

As we were pulling into the church where we work, you can imagine my shock when I heard the guy on the radio say, “We have just had a pledge called in by Lexi the Schnauzer.” I sure hope Mom isn’t expecting me to pay it!

I am Lexi, the moneyless schnauzer.

12 thoughts on “Mom back and pledging money from me (that I don’t have)

    • Oh, Cupcake, you are so right! Why didn’t I think of that? I am sure SHE gets paid. I should get paid too. I work hard when I am awake. There is her office to guard and lots of therapy to do. The preschool teachers need it the most. So far I have only been getting paid in biscuits. I’ll have to be careful I don’t mess up that part of it, though.


    • You are so right. She won’t text and drive, but for some reason she thinks it’s ok to talk on the phone. The most troubling thing is that doesn’t leave a hand free to scratch my pits while driving.


    • Yes, I am comfortable being a celebrity, thespian that I am. I am only hoping I don’t have to come up with any money! How it worked, was, people who had cats or dogs were to call in and make pledges, then that would be a point for either a cat or a dog. As far as the corn snake, I seriously doubt if there was another corn snake household out there pledging. We never heard the final result of the contest, though, so i suppose it could happen.

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