I lost my job

I’ve known that Mom has been hurting inside for a few weeks now. No, not a physical pain, more like an emotional pain. It has gotten worse this week. I finally figured out from her and Dad talking that one of the places we work is closing. I decided that if I refused to leave work, they couldn’t shut it down. That’s why I have been coming out the church door and stopping. Mom has been getting irritated that I wouldn’t come across the parking lot to the car, but she just didn’t understand what I was doing. If she did, she would have just stood there with me, I was sure. It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized it isn’t the church on the mountain but the office downtown that is closing. Lexi leaving ochsThat’s why I wouldn’t go get in the truck yesterday when it was time to go. I wanted to make sure no one came and took our office away from us.

At the end of the day today I didn’t want to leave. I watched the furniture being moved out. I saw the computers being loaded in cars. I knew, I just knew, today was the last day. Mommy says it means there is now room in our lives for a new adventure. I don’t want new, I want what I know, and the people I know. They love me. How are they going to find me. I am not ready to leave and not come back. I feel so sad.

Noodle invited me to go to South Miami Beach with him. Maybe that would make us both feel better. Maybe we can go tomorrow…

Noodles & Company (To Go?)

My love interest, Noodle, may have opened a restaurant in my hometown, Chattanooga.

Noodle's Restaurant???

Noodle the schnoodle’s restaurant???

Noodle, did you start your own restaurant? I think you did so that you could invite me to a real restaurant to eat on my birthday, which is exactly two weeks away! ❤ I hope the To Go sign doesn’t mean that we can’t go inside…

P.S. I was a very good dog all day.

The skirt of shame

It all started when Dad showed up where Mom works downtown. I was so happy: we were all together. Then Dad asked Mom if she would like to go to lunch. Mom said yes and hooked up my leash and outside we went. Like a good girl, I did my business so I wouldn’t get too excited and have an accident in the restaurant. You won’t believe what happened next…Mom took me back inside and left me! I did something then that would clearly let them know how displeased I was at being left behind. Mom was not happy when she got back and saw the wet spot on the carpet, including the wet trail I made to put a punctuation point on my point. But I figured she got the message.

After work we met Dad again at the house where we used to live. He had the lawn mower and instead of letting me help outside, Mom stuck me in the house and left me alone in there. I was not happy. So, once again, I made sure Mom saw my displeasure. When she came in the house after mowing, it was Mom’s turn to be not happy. She still gave me a drink of water.

We got home at 6:00, a whole hour late for my dinner. Would you believe that instead of hurrying to fix my dinner, Mom sat down at the sewing machine? She made this skirt and sewed it onto one of the boy’s underpants. I thought it was pretty funny that the boy was going to have to wear a skirt on his rear end…I guess the joke was on me. Oh, and I never got my dinner. I am not happy.



First Boating Adventure of the Season

Mom spent a lot of time working outside today. Seems that part of it was getting my boat the Lexi B the Sammy Joe ready to go to the lake. The boy was outside working with her. He must have been doing a good job because I didn’t hear Mom yell, “Stop doing that and come help.” Then I realized what that must mean – we were going boating! I was so excited about the first time out this season. Of course, I am always excited about going somewhere, especially to the lake! I know Mom was worried about the Sammy Joe starting, seeing how it was the first time out this year. I am very pleased to say she started right up and off we went. I remembered that one of the first things we do is stop so I can get in the lake and swim a lap around the boat. It is very cooling. So I stood at the bow (rhymes with owwww) wearing my pink with white polka dots life vest to let Mom know I was ready. She just shook her head and dipped me real quick-like before pulling me back in. What she had been telling the boy was right – the water was cold! But it was still a lot of fun boating around the lake. Mom took some pictures to share. Notice how it looks like I could flap my ears and fly?

2015-04-12 15.24.34

2015-04-12 15.52.182015-04-12 15.52.332015-04-12 15.52.33

A New Torture

Mom devised a new torture for me. She must sit around thinking up these things. It’s called,”We need to brush your teeth.” What’s the “we” in this? It’s Mom doing all the brushing. Why doesn’t she just go brush her own teeth? Again. Leave my teeth alone; they are perfectly fine just the way they are.

Agh! Let go of my beard!

Agh! Let go of my beard!

Lexi teeth brush 3

I’ll be good, I promise!

Lexi teeth brush 4

This is dog abuse. Someone report it, please!

Dog food news

Mom is always reading dog food labels. It might take her an hour to get out of the store when she is buying dog food. Read, read, read, *yawn.*

She asked me to share this article about dog food ingredients. It was a bit surprising, even to my Mom, the dog food aficionado. (Do you like my new word?) It talks about ingredients that are there but not listed (like chicken), as well as ingredients that are listed but not there (like any form of protein, such as chicken). It also gives a tip about what to look for, something easy that even non-dog food aficionados can do. (He, he, I got to use my new word again!) This site is from my vet (bleh!) so it is safe. Just click on the link below the picture. Personally, I think Mom should only feed me what she eats! 🙂

Animal Medical Center Logo