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Mom is always reading dog food labels. It might take her an hour to get out of the store when she is buying dog food. Read, read, read, *yawn.*

She asked me to share this article about dog food ingredients. It was a bit surprising, even to my Mom, the dog food aficionado. (Do you like my new word?) It talks about ingredients that are there but not listed (like chicken), as well as ingredients that are listed but not there (like any form of protein, such as chicken). It also gives a tip about what to look for, something easy that even non-dog food aficionados can do. (He, he, I got to use my new word again!) This site is from my vet (bleh!) so it is safe. Just click on the link below the picture. Personally, I think Mom should only feed me what she eats! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Dog food news

  1. Oh, so there aren’t fat dogs IN the food. That’s a relief. On the other hand, that would be a huge incentive to lose weight…. I’m still sorry about the insulting name of your dog food. Maybe you could use a magic marker and cross off that part?


  2. I used to eat Blue Buffalo, which is sold as a premium food. Then they had that recall because they mistakenly used the ferret formula with many more times the vitamin D than dogs should have. It killed a few dogs. In my house, there were five of us on it and we all soaked the carpet in every room, if you know what I mean. That’s why we now have hardwood floors. After that, Mom thought, “They had this big recall, so now they will be more careful.” Wrong. In less than a year we all had food-related diarrhea. Now Mom buys different foods, reading lots of labels. Guess she can’t count on labels anymore. 😦


  3. If you believe everything that you read, it will drive you crazy. It is the same way that some people food was considered no good and is now perfect for you. I’m glad that there is no horse meat found in any food. I used to buy very expensive dog food. Drew and Corky loved it, but when Sid arrived, he refused o eat it. I found something that all liked.

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