A New Torture

Mom devised a new torture for me. She must sit around thinking up these things. It’s called,”We need to brush your teeth.” What’s the “we” in this? It’s Mom doing all the brushing. Why doesn’t she just go brush her own teeth? Again. Leave my teeth alone; they are perfectly fine just the way they are.

Agh! Let go of my beard!
Agh! Let go of my beard!
Lexi teeth brush 3
I’ll be good, I promise!
Lexi teeth brush 4
This is dog abuse. Someone report it, please!

27 thoughts on “A New Torture

  1. Do you know this has been added to my nightly routine now? Without my sister and cousin around, Mom has too much extra time on her hands to come up with ways to torture me. I hope you can escape nightly brushings.

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  2. Hi Lexi – I LOVE having my teeth cleaned! My Mom got the old “clicker” out and if I let her touch my teeth with a finger she would “click” and I would get a treat. This progressed to touching with a brush thing (general toothbrush). Then she put pumpkin stuff on the brush and while I was licking it off she was moving it around. Now she puts some stuff on it that tastes like chicken. I get to lick all this good stuff and, apparently, she gets to clean my teeth! I also just LOVE to eat rutabaga which is also good for my teeth. WOOF! Ray.


    1. Hey Ray, good to hear from you. I guess to each his or her own. Mom has gotten on a jag before about brushing my teeth. My toothpaste is supposed to taste like liver, but I would so much rather have liver. Sometimes she uses a red rubber thing with tiny bristles that she slips over her finger. It’s just so invasive! (Although nothing like a glass stick up the other end!!) Rutabawhat? Is that like a greenie?

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      1. Rutabaga is a root vegetable. It grows in a round shape about 6 inches diameter and Mom or Dad just slice off a piece for me. It love to sit and crunch away at it ….. and because of its size, it lasts for quite a few days so quite economical. It is also apparently very healthy! Woof! Ray.

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  3. Mee-you thee boy mite be smellin his own breath mew mew mew….
    next yur Mumma mite make you garfull….BLEH!
    Greeniess are tastee aren’t they?? Mee has crucjie Katnip oness…umm guess that wod not bee yur fave flayver…..
    Oh an henry iss mee middle name so if you want pleeze call mee Dharth-Henry πŸ˜‰
    Mee ferst name iss a mothfull issn’t it???
    *nose bumpss* (gentull oness)


    1. Sorry, Dharth-Henry, about the name thing. My first name is really Lexington, but everyone just calls me Lexi for short. And speaking of greenies, it’s night-night time around here, so I am heading to the bedroom. Night, night, kitty kitty. πŸ™‚

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      1. Lexington iss a beeuteefull name! LadyMum sayss shee was inn Lexington, Kentucky many yeerss ago an did you get yur name frum there?
        Sorry bout mee typin last nite; mee was purrty tired an made allot of misstakess πŸ˜‰
        Siddhartha iss a East Indian name an iss thee name of thee man who beecame thee Buudha πŸ˜‰
        Dharth iss thee short form. Mee was given thee middle name ‘Henry’ as mee LadyMum an her ex-fiance fink mee iss thee ree-inncarnation of his kittyboy Henry Two Sockss….
        Mee likess mee name no mattur how mee got it πŸ˜‰
        Mee hopess you had a good sleepie an a pawsum Sunday Lexi gurl.
        ***paw kissess*** Dharth-Henry xxxx

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      2. Thank you, Dharth! *blush*. I though Dharth was the name of the bad guy on Star Wars. Huh. I learned something new! So are you very spiritual? I am an Episcopalian dog because I go to the Episcopalian church 2 times a week with my Mom to work. Everyone is very nice to me there.
        I got my name from Lexington NC. If you ever read my book, you will find out I was named after a BBQ place there. My FULL name is Lexington BBQ. That’s why I have this phobia about being eaten.
        I had an awesome Sunday. I am going to blog about it soon, but wanted to touch base with you first, nice kittie. Wishing you much catnip.


  4. Good greef that must bee sorta bothersum Lexi….
    Ladymum tried thiss with mee an mee sorta ‘nipped’ her so shee got mee Greeniess Dental treetss innstead πŸ˜‰
    Mew mew mew
    Good luck with thee teeth brushin!
    **paw patss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

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    1. Thanks Henry. I eat a Greenie every night for my night-night treat, but I guess they aren’t working so well. And I just went through going to the vet’s for a dental in February, so I don’t know why my teeth aren’t still clean from that. The boy said I have bad breath. Grrrrrrrrrr.

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