The Skirt of Shame

It all started when Dad showed up where Mom works downtown. I was so happy: we were all together. Then Dad asked Mom if she would like to go to lunch. Mom said yes and hooked up my leash and outside we went. Like a good girl, I did my business so I wouldn’t get too excited and have an accident in the restaurant. You won’t believe what happened next…Mom took me back inside and left me! I did something then that would clearly let them know how displeased I was at being left behind. Mom was not happy when she got back and saw the wet spot on the carpet, including the wet trail I made to put a punctuation point on my point. But I figured she got the message.

After work we met Dad again at the house where we used to live. He had the lawn mower and instead of letting me help outside, Mom stuck me in the house and left me alone in there. I was not happy. So, once again, I made sure Mom saw my displeasure. When she came in the house after mowing, it was Mom’s turn to be not happy. She still gave me a drink of water.

We got home at 6:00, a whole hour late for my dinner. Would you believe that instead of hurrying to fix my dinner, Mom sat down at the sewing machine? She made this skirt and sewed it onto one of The Boy’s underpants. I thought it was pretty funny that The Boy was going to have to wear a skirt on his rear end…I guess the joke was on me. Oh, and I never got my dinner. I am not happy.


4 thoughts on “The Skirt of Shame

  1. Oh no, it’s not that. Mom has already been watching me leave my story outside and has seen good flows with good color, and no more frequent than usual. But thank you for your concern. I only do this when I am NOT happy. I will have to reconsider my tactics since the advent of the Skirt of Shame.


  2. Mom brought the skirt of shame to work with us today as a reminder. I am trying hard to not have to wear it. Mom says I can’t win this war so I might as well stop trying. My problem is that she is as determined and devious and unrelenting as me. Hmmm. Wonder where I got it from…


  3. OMGoodness, Lexi! They….DIAPERED you? What the heck? Who’s putting an exclamation point on their point now? Yikes! This is a no win situation for you. My advice is – No more puddles!

    Love and licks,

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