I lost my job

I’ve known that Mom has been hurting inside for a few weeks now. No, not a physical pain, more like an emotional pain. It has gotten worse this week. I finally figured out from her and Dad talking that one of the places we work is closing. I decided that if I refused to leave work, they couldn’t shut it down. That’s why I have been coming out the church door and stopping. Mom has been getting irritated that I wouldn’t come across the parking lot to the car, but she just didn’t understand what I was doing. If she did, she would have just stood there with me, I was sure. It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized it isn’t the church on the mountain but the office downtown that is closing. Lexi leaving ochsThat’s why I wouldn’t go get in the truck yesterday when it was time to go. I wanted to make sure no one came and took our office away from us.

At the end of the day today I didn’t want to leave. I watched the furniture being moved out. I saw the computers being loaded in cars. I knew, I just knew, today was the last day. Mommy says it means there is now room in our lives for a new adventure. I don’t want new, I want what I know, and the people I know. They love me. How are they going to find me. I am not ready to leave and not come back. I feel so sad.

Noodle invited me to go to South Miami Beach with him. Maybe that would make us both feel better. Maybe we can go tomorrow…

14 thoughts on “I lost my job

  1. Your world is changing all around you which is rubbish, some things are meant to be and I have a feeling a new adventure will beckon before you know it, take care and try not to fret too much x

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  2. Oh nooooooo! This is such sad news. Hey, wait. Now that you don’t have your work holding you there, maybe you can just come live with me? Dad keeps saying he wants to get another dog. Surely you’d be welcome. Your mom and dad can visit anytime they want. What do you say?

    Dear Lexi’s mom: I’m really sorry to hear about your job. We will pray that something better comes along soon.

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    1. Oh Noodle, you silly boy. I am so flattered you want me to come live with you, but I still have my job at the church twice a week. And I would miss my Mom and Dad terribly. I know Mommy would cry all day long if I ever left. Hey, I have an idea…why don’t you come live with me? Oh, wait, your Mommy would cry all day long if you left, too. Well, maybe we can just get together for visits more. ❤

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  3. Sweet Lexi, I’m sorry, change can be hard and scary but you have Mom and Dad and your friend Noodle to talk things over with and help you with this change. Tell your mom that I’m keeping you all in my prayers as you look for those new adventures.

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  4. Losing your job is a bummer. But new adventures can be fun. Hang in there and trust your mom. She’ll know what’s best. Somehow, moms always do.

    Love and licks,

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