Annual Check-up

I went to the vet (unwillingly) and got my yearly exams and vaccinations today. The doc also talked Mom into getting a HW test done. It was negative. I could have told them that – I have a strong, worm-free heart. They also stuck that glass stick up my patooty and used what came out for a fecal. No worms. I could have told them that – I have a strong, worm-free colon. When we were done, the vet gave my Mom a piece of birthday cake. When Dr. Poston saw Mom looking at me with cake on her spoon, she said, “You’d better not let me see you give her any of that,” to which Mom replied, “Then you’d better shut your eyes.” Go, Mom! (I also got Arby’s curly fries on the way home.)

I am Lexi, the healthy, worm-free schnauzer.

4 thoughts on “Annual Check-up

  1. We do the Heartworm test every year. It is important, but I will not pay $75 for all three to have their poop tested. I pick up after them and I would notice anything.

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    1. You can’t see hookworms or some of the other ones. But your hw prevention keeps a certain group of worms away, depending on which one you use. I never miss my hw pill, so Mom doesn’t usually get me tested. However, I overheard Dr. Poston tell Mom that heart worms have mutated and they are seeing cases even in dogs who faithfully take their prevention.


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