Early Birthday Celebration and What a Present I Got!

Mom made dog bone-shaped cookies to take to work to celebrate my birthday today. I helped get rid of the broken ones, then helped to clean the beaters

Yummy frosting
Yummy frosting

My birthday is actually tomorrow, but we won’t be at the church tomorrow, and Mom didn’t want anyone to miss out. My new bestest friend Cary brought me a treat present. She knows what I like. I am going to start calling her Auntie Cary because she loves me and I stay with her most of the time I am at the church.

Mom told me she had a surprise for me after work today. I thought maybe we were going to the dog treat store, but Mom said it was something even better. She said if I was on my best behavior I might have a new job! We went into a different church and got interviewed. They would let us come on Tuesdays and Thursdays when we aren’t working at the church on the mountain. How great is that! When we were almost done, Mom and the people interviewing us started negotiating salary. I nudged her and she knew I wanted her to just take the job!! They had already asked if I would come to work for free. 🙂 Now we have to wait until Friday to find out if they can meet her salary requirements. She came down a lot from her first number, and they came up a lot from their first number, so maybe they can meet in the middle. I sure hope so. It seems like a good place to work, and I would be the only church dog there. What a great birthday present this would be! Everyone please keep your paws crossed.

I am Lexi, the double church dog.

9 thoughts on “Early Birthday Celebration and What a Present I Got!

    1. Hi there my Scottie friends. I am always very busy at my church job. I guard my Mom’s office so only people can come in who she approves. I do therapy work with any of the staff who need it. I watch where non-staff people go when they pass my Mom’s office to be sure they aren’t up to no-good, like stealing stuff. I greet people and help them feel welcome. I remind everyone when it is lunch time so we don’t go hungry. I am also in charge of cleaning up any food that falls on the floor and checking to make sure the outside, enclosed garden is in order. I am exhausted at the end of the day!

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      1. That sounds like a lot of work for a little dog. We could not do all of your job. We are extremely noisy and sometimes cause a disturbance. We could remind people about lunch time and clean crumbs off the floor. We are not to sure about this job thingy.

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  1. Happy Birthday, my sweets! There’s a present for you on my blog.
    I’m really happy to hear about the possibility of you having a new job. Certainly you’re the best dog for the job and I’m sure your mom is just as good 😉


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