I Am NOT a Mean Old Thing

Today was my second day at my new work. Mommy is not pleased. With me. At all. Last Thursday I got confused – that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. I thought I was supposed to be a guard dog. Someone should have explained to me that I was supposed to be a good dog welcoming committee. Yep, Lexi, the welcoming committee of one. You know everything is done by committee in churches. So today, on the way to work, Mommy spent time outlining my boundaries. NO growling, and NO barking. I guess I didn’t hear the NO part. Hey, these people tried to walk into my office without even asking. They are lucky all I did was growl And the preacher, well, I didn’t recognize him until I had already barked a couple of times. Come on…I had only ever seen him once, and he didn’t give me any treats that time either. *sigh* Now the mean old lady I live with Mommy is threatening to not take me to my job any more. Dad looked especially upset when she told him that. In fact, Mom said that I was so bad at work today that she wasn’t going to memorialize it with any pictures. Grrrr. (Oops, that’s what got me in so much trouble.)

On the way home we stopped at a quickie oil change joint. I thought that Mom must not have been as mad as earlier, ’cause she put me in charge of her credit card while the people changed the oil in our car.

I'm NOT a mean thing.

I’m NOT a mean thing.

But that wasn’t true. She said I could guard her credit card because I was such a mean old thing that no one would try to take it. 😦

Hey, I wonder what else I could buy with this?

Hey, I wonder what else I could buy with this?

Lexis Bday

I am reminding myself that at least someone loves me. Thanks, Noodle.

I am Lexi the guard good schnauzer.

8 thoughts on “I Am NOT a Mean Old Thing

  1. You are NOT mean! You tell your mom that if she’s not nice to you, you’re running away. No worries, I’ll be around the corner with my car to pick you up and bring you home with me. We can be schnauzers together.

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  2. Getting used to a new situation takes time and can be a challenge. Could mom give the Pastor and others who stop by some treats so when they walk into the office its easier for you to get used to them?

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