My bestest friend Auntie Cary packed me my very own lunch today. We had a lovely time eating together at noon at the church on the mountain. She forgot the broccoli, but the chicken was very good. Then she left, and did not take me, even though I made it very clear I wanted to go with her. I patiently waited for her to return:

Lexi waiting for CaryIsn’t it cool how my good friend Jabus keeps the hall floors so shiny that they reflect my beautiful hiney?

I was waiting outside with Mom when Auntie Cary returned. She said I could stay with her while Mom ran a church errand. I talked to her before we went inside so she understood how unhappy I was that she had left me. She said I was “really something else.” I hope that meant something good.

P.S. She gave me guilt treats. 🙂

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