Mailbox ants

We had mailbox ants today. There were hundreds, maybe thousands, of little black ants all engaged in moving piles of tiny white grains inside our mailbox. Mom thinks they were the queen’s eggs. Mom didn’t have any ant spray so she used flea spray. Quick thinking, eh? Anyone seen anything like this before?

mailbox ants

10 thoughts on “Mailbox ants

    1. Cupcake, I have heard that people eat bugs. But lots of time pups get sick when they eat bugs, so be careful about that. My Mom has had to suck it up and deal with the bugs. That is what has turned her into a murderer of bugs. We get centipedes, house crickets, Goliath beetles, stink beetles, lady bugs and this year lots of the big black ants. They bite. I just move when they come crawling toward me. Mom started paying the boy a dime for every black ant he killed. She has turned him into a murderer of bugs too!


  1. Often i disturb big nests of ants when picking up rocks..i feel guilty so i pop the rock back 🙂 i am a sucker hahahahaha 🙂 Noodle is right be careful you may end up being carried off Lexi! 🙂

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    1. Agh! We kill most bugs around here. At least Mom does. Dad is a sucker like you. He catches them in a container and puts them back outside. Mom says they will just come back in, but he doesn’t have the heart to kill them. Mom, on the other hand…

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