Ear yeast and butt squirts

Last Monday Mom noticed I had a crusty spot inside my right ear flap, near the tip. Friday, on the way to work, Mom noticed I had developed an identical crusty spot near the tip of my left ear. And I was shaking my head a lot. So she took a slight detour from work and went to a vet on the mountain. They gave me an appointment for later that afternoon, at which time they stuck a stick up my patooti and declared I had ear yeast. The lady vet was filling a prescription for antibiotics to help rid me of ear yeast when Mom said no, it would be cheaper to get it at the drugstore. So off we went with a piece of paper and a bottle of liquid that I was to later find out was meant for torture. Apparently I wasn’t listening very well when the instructions were given to Mom to “fill both ears with the liquid, massage behind the ears, and let Lexi shake it all out.” *sigh*

After work we dropped the paper off at the drugstore and went home, intending to pick up my new medicine a little later. Before a little later came around, the person at the drugstore called Mom to ask her if she knew this medicine was almost one hundred dollars. By the look on Mom’s face, I could tell that was a lot. It was supposed to be generic. The drugstore person said this strength didn’t come in generic, but that the vet had it for eighteen dollars. Mom said I could wait until Monday to start my new medicine, which was the next time she would be on the mountain. In the meantime, she would keep using the special liquid in my ears.

This is Sunday, and I won’t have my medicine until tomorrow. So we know that is not what caused my butt squirts. They started in the middle of the night (thank you, Dad, for getting up and letting me out). Then even worse right after the sun came up (thank you, Mom, for getting up and letting me out). Then came the really bad news. Mom squirted some yukky pink stuff in my mouth and said no food until this stopped.

Mommy decided to let me eat some plain rice for dinner. That didn’t cause any problems so she cooked me an egg and mixed it with a little more rice. We are still waiting to see what happens…

I was starved after being denied food all day!
I was starved after being denied food all day!

5 thoughts on “Ear yeast and butt squirts

  1. Thank you, my Scottie friends. I am starting to feel better. Mom talked to the vet and got some medicine for “the squirts.” She also got me vanilla yogurt – yumm!!


  2. Sometimes the drug store is cheaper than the vet. Tell you mom that the pink squirty stuff comes in pill form is is easier and less messy than Pepto all over the floor and your beard. it works just as well. Feel better!

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  3. It would be nice if it did! If Mom has any tricks to make ear drops easy have her let me know. Even the yummiest treats don’t help when we have to give ear drops to Belle pup which is a lot because she has funky ears. I hope your ear medicine makes your ears all better real soon!

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  4. Oh Lexi I hope you feel better soon. When our Bess pup was little she had a lot of butt squirts because she had a sensitive tummy. She needed medicine to help stop them and our vet suggested that we give her vanilla yogurt with bran flakes. She really liked it 🙂

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