Memory Monday: Boating

It’s Memory Monday and, since it is really stinkin’ hot out, I thought it would be a good time to reminisce about being on the lake (especially since Mommy is too lazy stubborn busy something to take me lately.)

Boating time

Me on my boat in the Tennessee River

June 25, 2005

Today I swam eleven laps around my pontoon boat – a personal best (perhaps because no one was watching when I wanted back in after the fourth lap).  When we were done at the lake we went to Dairy Queen, a place that has the most wonderful treats. Brrr!  The ice cream made me very cold and I started to shake uncontrollably. I knew Mom would take my ice cream away if she saw me shivering so I gobbled my pup cup of vanilla ice cream (my favorite flavor).  It was worth it!  I’ll make up for it tonight by puking on Mom’s bed.  Won’t she be surprised?!

June 2, 2007

My pontoon boat is in the water! I have already had so much fun on it this summer. I mostly lie around and sun my beautiful body. Sometimes I lay in the shade and eat snacks. Sometimes I swim to a nearby island and smell all the luscious smells. Last Sunday I got a bit hot so I went to the edge of my pontoon boat to let Mom know I wanted to cool off in the water. What did she do? She reached for my life jacket. I hate that thing. It ranks right up there with clothes. She could tell I didn’t want to wear it, so she said she would make a deal with me. I wouldn’t have to wear it if I stayed close to the boat. I thought, ok, no problem. Mom lowered me into the water – I still don’t like to jump in –  and I swam around the boat twice before asking her to help me back in. Mom says I am the smartest schnauzer girl ever. I have a good life. I am Lexi the boat dog.

Later the same month

I was back in the water, swimming around my boat sans life jacket when Mom reached down and plucked me back into the Lexi B Sammy Joe. She said she saw really big turtles sunning themselves on a rock not too far from where we were parked anchored. She also said she had seen some one-legged ducks. “From now on,” she said, “you have to wear your life jacket, just in case.”

I don’t understand what big turtles and one-legged ducks have to do with anything, but that “just in case” has me scared. I won’t get in the water now. Not until I figure this out. I am Lexi, the four-legged schnauzer, and wantin’ to keep it that way.

Another Memory Monday (click here, folks, pups and kitties) story from my boyfriend, Noodle. Isn’t he the dreamiest! Noodle 2

A World without Tragedies

Mommy asked if I would be ok with posting a video Daddy just finished. She said to tell everyone to grab a tissue before you watch it. He calls it “A World Without Tragedies” and is a tribute to the victims and their families shown in the video. I said ok, we should do this, so here it is:

Memory Monday: My Sixth Year

Memory Monday

Can you believe I scrunched a whole year into one blog? I wrote this right after I turned seven years old in the year 2010. (Be sure to check out Noodle’s Memory Monday post, too!)

May 9, 2010

It’s been such a busy year! My birthday was Friday, and I went to St. Paul’ Episcopal Church – where Mom works – to spend the day. We had a party – cupcakes and doggie ice cream for me, people ice cream for everyone else. How many schnauzers do you know who get to have a birthday party at church! I have been there more lately, since our house is up for sale and I go with mom when there is going to be a showing. Everyone loves me (of course) as I play my magic on them. If Mom can’t find me, she just has to look for who has food at their desk. I will be sitting there staring at them. Not long ago I greeted one of my bestest friends, Gail, at the back door, and made her understand I wanted her to follow me. I led her into the work room where I had detected bagels on the table, but couldn’t reach them. I had been sitting staring up at the table until I heard Gail come in and ran to ask for some help. Unfortunately, Gail didn’t give me one.

It has been another exciting year for me! Mom and I graduated from three agility classes; then Mom put it down for a while. I was doing fine. Mom was having trouble keeping her bearings on the course. So then we moved on to Freestyle with a different group. Pam (with Sophie-the-schnauzer) was in agility with us, and went on to Freestyle. Sophie has really blossomed with this special attention. She even won some events her first time out at an agility competition! Anyhow, it was mostly just me and Sophie in the Freestyle training with a couple of good teachers (and Mom and Pam). They were starting to prepare us to compete in the April event here in Chattanooga. Then another opportunity opened that I couldn’t resist – I was asked to play Toto again at the Colonnade in Ringgold, Georgia.


The Colonnade where I played Toto for the 2nd time.  I wonder if God sent the rainbow especially for us.

We had six weeks of rehearsals and two weekends of performance, and it knocked us out of Freestyle training. I figured we could get back into Freestyle, but this opportunity wouldn’t wait. Anyhow, I bonded with my new Dorothy, who Mom couldn’t call Dorothy, because every time she did, I went running off looking for Kim, who played my first Dorothy. So mom just called her by her name, Kandis. The wicked witch, Jan, used to train dogs, so we spent some time at her house with Kandis, too, during which time I also bonded with her…not such a good thing. Read on… The second weekend of the play, during the scene where Miss Gulch (also played by Jan) has lost “that dratted dog” and gone back to the farm looking for me, I got away from a distracted Kandis (who was probably texting, but definitely not watching me) and ran back out on stage to Jan, where I stop and look up at her. Jan looks down at me and cracks up. At that point “Uncle Henry” points at me and says, “There’s that dratted dog!” and, as if on cue, I run back off the stage to Mom. Everyone in the audience roared with laughter. I do love to make people laugh!

I remembered my role from 2 1/2 years ago. I picked up old habits, like how I followed the foursome down the yellow brick road. My agility and freestyle training had honed my responsiveness to their movements. And yes, in the opening scene where I run out onto stage at the end of the Rainbow song, ending up in Dorothy’s arms, a collective “awwwwww” still resounded from the audience.

Jennefer (Piper’s mom) and my Mom are still good friends. So she came the first night the play opened and sat in the second row. Yeah, not a good idea. Halfway through the second act, I peeped out from behind the curtain, spotted her, and tore across the stage, and down the stairs, leaping into her lap! Jennefer said she felt like such a proud aunt. People started asking her if I was her dog, and she said, no, I am her niece. Now we call her “Auntie Jen.”

The same doggie bakery who made all my healthy treats and “hot dogs” (really dog biscuits) donated them for the play. They remembered me. Who wouldn’t?

A couple of weeks after the play ended, Mom and Dad and I attended the cast party. They played the video of one of the performances, and at the end of the opening credits, it said, in great big letters, “Introducing Lexi as Toto”. Not quite accurate, but pretty neat, nonetheless. I mingled and when dinner was served I sat at the head of one of the tables and ate my salmon and asparagus off a fork (of course Mom cut it up and helped me with the fork). I never, ever, put my head down into the plate when sitting at a table. I to know that would be extremely bad manners.

I go once a month to T.C. Thompson Children’s hospital. Among all my tricks, the best one is putting a big smile on a sick kid’s face. I sit quietly on the bed next to a child to let him/her pet me. I don’t move around the bed or ever step on the child, which is pretty important since many have had surgery. We would both love to go more often, but there are too many dogs who love to do the same thing. Mom is certainly blessed to have a boss who sees the importance in what we do, that she can take off work every month to do this.

I am scheduled to go to an elementary school next week. The children have been reading about service dogs, and they want me to come so they can see a real, live, therapy dog. Mom says I will probably spend the time sniffing under their desks for crumbs! I am Lexi, the birthday girl.

Here are pictures showing other highlights of my 6th year:

Lily, 11 years old

Lily, 11 years old.  I didn’t appreciate her being around then. She is at the rainbow bridge, now.

Ivy 2010

Ivy, 12 years old. I guess I didn’t appreciate her, either, and now she is gone, too.

Outer Banks house where I vacationed

House in the Outer Banks, North Carolina where me and Mom and my peeps brother Adam vacationed with Mom’s best friend from “up North” and her big Italian family. I got a lot of sand burs in my hair.

Dad is ready to go teach polka at Rock City. Here I am hoping he hasn't gotten some wild idea about putting a costume on me.

Dad is ready to go teach polka at Rock City. Here I am hoping he hasn’t gotten some wild idea about putting a costume on me.

It's almost Christmas!

It’s almost Christmas!

Mom says her grandma's stairs were the most photographed in the world because that's where she had so many pictures taken. I think that must be why she poses me on our stairs. That's Father Christmas next to me. Later, I chewed him up.

Mom says her grandma’s stairs were the most photographed in the world because that’s where she had so many pictures taken. I think that must be why she poses me on our stairs. That’s Father Christmas next to me. Later, I chewed him up.

We all went to Wisconsin and stayed in a big house Daddy used to own. Now they rent out rooms and feed you breakfast.

We all went to Wisconsin in the spring and stayed in a big house Daddy used to own. Now they rent out rooms and feed you breakfast.

This is Bud. He's a Puli. He lives at Daddy's old house.. I'm still wondering if he is really a dog.

This is Bud. He’s a Puli. He lives at Daddy’s old house.. I’m still wondering if he is really a dog.

I didn't know this would be my last birthday in our house where we had lived for 4 years.  It made me sad, I didn't want to leave. (But I fell in love with our new house the first day there!)

I didn’t know this would be my last birthday in our house where we had lived for 4 years. It made me sad, I didn’t want to leave. (But I fell in love with our new house the first day there!)

Then I turned seven, and that’s a whole new story! I hope you enjoyed seeing the year leading up to my seventh birthday.

Memory Monday:

Here is Noodle’s Memory Monday. Noodle

This is for Noodle

Noodle, this is for you. (Will someone please tell Noodle to read this!)

Ahem. Noodle. Please sit down. Sit.

Noodle, I have needed for some time to tell you something, but I have been kinda’ scared. I don’t usually suffer from self-doubt – I am a very self-confident schnauzer. After all, I am beautiful, talented, smart and accomplished. But this feeling I have, well, I have never felt like this before about another dog. So now, I am just going to say it. Ahem.

I love you. ❤


Memory Monday – When Riley told on himself

Hi everyone! It’s Memory Monday again, and I have decided to ask Mom to print a memory about Riley. That should help you understand why I don’t like living with him  him living with me. Not only did he stink up the house and mess up the patio, he hijacked my blog to tell everyone about it!


Riley borrowed Mom’s laptop to steal my blog.

June 18, 2012
In POOP trouble today

I (Riley) got in so much trouble this morning, and I didn’t see it coming. I was bebopping through the house to wish my Mom a good morning when she walked into the living room and saw my, uh, my mistake.  I thought Mom was going to kill me she was so mad, but all she did was lecture me and point her finger at me and at the p-o-o-p, first in my kennel and then all over the patio.

She said I should have gone out last night like she told me to. But I don’t like to go out in the dark. And I don’t like to go out by myself (my sis Lexi wouldn’t go with me last night– she had already done her business the first time Mom asked her to) and I don’t like to go off the patio and into the yard.

The patio: that’s where and when the next trouble came. She caught me pooping on the patio this morning. When she came out to try to stop me she saw all the other poo I had left over the last couple of day. And. Just. Lost. It. She made me go into that dirty old yard where my feet get wet and messy. I know I am a big boy, but I have such pretty, dainty feet. I just hate getting them messy. She talked and talked and pointed and pointed and kept telling me what a bad dog I am. I tried to go to the back door but she kept chasing me back into the yard. Then she left me out there! Aghhhh! Dad let me in after she left. I heard him on that little box he talks into telling mom that he had to let me in because it was raining. I don’t think I want to know what she said back to him. But I think I might know because he didn’t put my brand new crate pad in my kennel this morning when he crated me before he left. I was really looking forward to using it and maybe even chewing it a little – or a lot. After all, I am only one year old.

Mom’s gone away for a few days. It’s probably for the best. Maybe she will be happier when she gets home. I sure hope so. I love my Mom lots and don’t like her to be mad at me. I will try to be a good boy and go in the grass. It’s just that paw thing…and the dark thing

I am Riley the chastised.


Lunchtime in the garden

I love going to work with Mommy to the church on the mountain. It’s quiet around here today so we went outside to soak up some sunshine while we had lunch. I got a bite of her sandwich, then decided to enjoy myself in one of my favorite spots. I love lunchtime in the garden.

The sunshine makes me squint even though I have eyebrows to help shade my eyes.

The sunshine makes me squint even though I have eyebrows to help shade my eyes.

Ahhh, rolling around in the English ivy feels so good.

Ahhh, rolling around in the  ivy feels so good.

Now I'm hot and worn out but feel really good and relaxed.

Now I’m hot and worn out but feel really good and relaxed. Do you like my pretty peach-colored bow?


Here’s a very short video Mom took of me relishing the roll in the ivy. See me roll with abandon!

Memory Monday with Lexi and Friends

Lexi with annieToday is Memory Monday and I was thinking about my first performances as Toto in the Wizard of Oz. Mom had gotten down my Annie award and my head shot and I got so excited when I saw them again. I poked at the Annie and wiggled all over. I remember winning it! Me and Mom and Dad were sitting in the audience. I was wearing a strand of Mom’s good pearls, so I know I looked extra-good. I had already run down the aisle and up the stairs to the stage to help My Dorothy present an award. So we were just sitting there politely waiting for the awards to end when the director, Geoffrey, announced that the Director’s Choice award went to….wait for it….Lexi!!!!! I jumped out of my seat and ran back down the aisle so fast that I left Mom in my wind. The audience was cheering and clapping for me as Mom mounted the stairs to the stage and picked me up. I leaned into the microphone to give my acceptance speech, and everyone laughed. I decided to leave it at that and let Mom talk for me. I worked very hard for that award and am still proud of it.

After reminiscing a bit about my award, I poked at my head shot picture with my nose until it almost fell over. Mom knew I was saying, ‘That’s me!” I asked Mom to share some of my memoirs from that time.

Lexi with headshotMemory Monday

October 2, 2006
I am the star. That’s what everyone says. They say I steal the show, but honest, I didn’t steal anything. I just run out on the stage (at least most of the time) when Mom says, and get treats, and run off, back to Mom who is always there waiting for me. Now I have found that I can go down the front stairs and off the stage into the audience. That’ a hoot. Mom seems kinda freaked out when I get back, though. She says she can’t see me and isn’t sure if I am coming back. I know when I have to be back for when the good witch points at me and says, “Is that the witch?” Silly Mommy! I haven’t missed my cue yet. And those monkeys – oooooh I don’t like those monkeys. I run as fast as I can when I see them coming and Mom picks me up. But then she hands me to one of the monkeys! So, the last time they came after me, I ran into my kennel off-stage where I would be safe. When I came out of my kennel, thinking they were all gone, Mom picked me up and handed me to one of them again. I don’t know how I am going to stop her from doing this. Doesn’t she know they are scary?? I am Lexi the star.

October 5, 2006
I keep adding things to my part as Toto, as the audience notices and responds. I have, however, decided to leave one thing out, and Mom has finally stopped trying to make me do it, because I am not going to do it anymore. Period. End of discussion. Those trees scared me. They walk around and dance and act entirely not like trees. Well, they got in my way after I skipped – well I try to skip – with Dorothy and the Lion and the Tin Man and the Scarecrow across the stage. It is the third time I sort of skip down the proverbial yellow brick road during the play. The first two times went fine. Then that third time those trees, oh those nasty moving trees, got in my way and it scared me and I will not do that again when they are on the stage. Absolutely, positively not. I am LexiToto.

October 12, 2006
So there I was near the front of the stage close to all my adoring fans, and I was getting a bit bored just standing there with my good pals – no one was feeding me or petting me or singing to me. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the wicked witch sneaking across the back of the stage. Thinking it would be great fun, I turned and ran after her, barking as loudly as I could. She kept stopping and motioning with big waves of her arm to go away. I glanced over at Mom in the wings (isn’t that a funny name for part of a building that can’t fly!) and she was making big waving motions at me too. She must have been really enjoying my impromptu performance. Then my good pals, the lion and the scarecrow and Dorothy all started looking from side to side and saying, “What can Toto be barking at?” Silly people, I was right behind them!  The audience started laughing so of course I kept it up until the witch was clear off the stage. What a great time that was! I tried it again the next night to see if people still thought it was funny, and they did, so I am just going to add it to my part. Won’t the wicked witch be surprised!

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Hmmm, do you detect a theme starting? Well, we are dogs!

Remembering one of my best days

It’s a lazy, boring Sunday. Mom cleaned the house this morning and didn’t find any hidden treats for me. It’s already over 90 degrees out – way too hot to do anything outside. So I got to thinking, why not start my Memory Monday a day early? (Mom said to remind everyone who wants to participate to send me a link to their post today or early tomorrow:

My boyfriend Noodle had such a horrible day yesterday, I tried to remember my best day, so I wouldn’t keep feeling bad for him. And I thought maybe it would cheer him up, too. Of course, the first day I thought about was Noodle and my first date. He really swept me off my feet!

Since most everyone already knows about our date, I tried to think back further, way before I knew Noodle. I thought back to the fall of 2007, to a day that included a dog park, french fries, Rock City, and a restaurant. All in one day! I was only four years old, and it was so good that I still remember it! First thing in the morning, Mom and Dad took me to my favorite dog park where I ran and ran and smelled all the other dogs’ stories. When I was finished at the dog park we went to Micky D’s and I got my very own order of French fries. While I munched on my fries, Mom and Dad drove me up Lookout Mountain to Rock City, where we work at Rocktoberfest every October.  My job there is to be the “German dog” and let the kids pet me. All Mom and Dad do is teach polka in their funny costumes. How do you like Mom’s wig?Rocktober fest J A L
After a full afternoon at Rock City, we drove back down the mountain to an area in Chattanooga called the Arts District. We went to Tony’s Restaurant that has patio seating where I was allowed to sit, too. As if that wasn’t enough of a great surprise, my bestest friend Pierre joined us for supper. I hadn’t seen him for a long time, and it made my heart happy. I fell asleep on the way home with happy memories of a day full of wonderful surprises running through my head.




Sickness and Memory Monday updates

First, the most important thing. I am feeling much better this afternoon. Mommy gave me a half feeding of  my regular chow. I have been staring at her for the last 70 minutes telling her I am ready for the other half. I’m a schnauzer. I am persistent with a very long attention span.

I can wait like this for a very, very long time.

I can wait like this for a very, very long time.

Next, it has been brought to my attention (thank you, Noodle) that the e-mail address I gave for Memory Mondays is not working. Please use this one:  And please resend your blog if you tried earlier and it didn’t work.

Finally – oh, wait! Mom, can I have some of those potato chips? Not on my life? Well, then, how about some more dog food?

Back to what I was saying. The very best dog friend in the whole world  ❤ posted a Memory Monday and it is now on my original blog, Memory Mondays. Check it out!


Memory Mondays

My friends,

Thanks to creative pups and kitties and their moms and dads, we now have wonderful Selfie Sundays and Wordless Wednesdays. Now, I propose Memory Mondays. Because most of you have not read my blogs from early in my life, I am going to post one each Monday. I invite you to do the same. And if you don’t have earlier blogs, you can blog a memory from scratch. If you will e-mail a link to the blog to, Mom will post the link on my Memory Mondays page. Please be sure to include the pup or kitty’s name(s) who are in the blog. Let’s see how this goes!

Lexi’s Memory Monday blog:

Don't I look like I have wings?

Don’t I look like I have wings?

July 25, 2005
YES! I’ve got new all grown up pictures now on my web page. I am so proud of them. And I didn’t even have to get groomed again (although Mommy snuck up on me and gave me a bath first – yuck). I think I should be clean enough after swimming in the Tennessee River. Speaking of which, Mom let me swim a little without my life vest on Saturday. It was a little scary, but Mom says I am an excellent swimmer! Now she is seeing great big turtles where I was swimming and says I have to wear my life vest all the time again “just in case.”

I didn’t get off the boat on Sunday at all, because I am still trying to figure out what this just in case is all about. Then my boat started not working so well, and we went home. Drat! I was getting to eat cheese twirls, and I was doing what Mom called self-serve in the boat bag because she had my special biscuits just lying loose down in there.
Maybe I will throw up in Mommy’s bed tonight. Won’t she be surprised!

Memory Monday posts:

June 2, Noodle took the challenge, because he is the bestest boyfriend ever! Check it out at the Adventures of Noodle.