Memory Mondays

My friends,

Thanks to creative pups and kitties and their moms and dads, we now have wonderful Selfie Sundays and Wordless Wednesdays. Now, I propose Memory Mondays. Because most of you have not read my blogs from early in my life, I am going to post one each Monday. I invite you to do the same. And if you don’t have earlier blogs, you can blog a memory from scratch. If you will e-mail a link to the blog to, Mom will post the link on my Memory Mondays page. Please be sure to include the pup or kitty’s name(s) who are in the blog. Let’s see how this goes!

Lexi’s Memory Monday blog:

Don't I look like I have wings?
Don’t I look like I have wings?

July 25, 2005
YES! I’ve got new all grown up pictures now on my web page. I am so proud of them. And I didn’t even have to get groomed again (although Mommy snuck up on me and gave me a bath first – yuck). I think I should be clean enough after swimming in the Tennessee River. Speaking of which, Mom let me swim a little without my life vest on Saturday. It was a little scary, but Mom says I am an excellent swimmer! Now she is seeing great big turtles where I was swimming and says I have to wear my life vest all the time again “just in case.”

I didn’t get off the boat on Sunday at all, because I am still trying to figure out what this just in case is all about. Then my boat started not working so well, and we went home. Drat! I was getting to eat cheese twirls, and I was doing what Mom called self-serve in the boat bag because she had my special biscuits just lying loose down in there.
Maybe I will throw up in Mommy’s bed tonight. Won’t she be surprised!

Memory Monday posts:

June 2, Noodle took the challenge, because he is the bestest boyfriend ever! Check it out at the Adventures of Noodle.

15 thoughts on “Memory Mondays

    1. I have two. I will change the post to this one that is working. Oh no, I hope I haven’t missed anyone’s posts! I will make an announcement! BOL, BOL, BOL. Oh, Mom said I need to do it through my blog.

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    1. Thanks, sweetie! Post your Monday Memory on your blog then send me the link and I will ask Mom to add it to my blog. Easy breezy. BTW, I am still sick. 😦 Please send up good thoughts for me. Dad is sick too. It’s kinda nice to have a sick buddy to sleep with, but I want us both to get better fast before anyone decides to shove another stick where the sun don’t shine.

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      1. I don’t understand how some of your posts slip under my radar! I didn’t know you were sick until you wrote this and I checked your blog. Oh my little Lexi-kins *hugs* Feel better ❤

        I will do my Monday Memory now.

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  1. You were a cute little tyke and now you are a beauty. We have posted Throwback Thursday pictures of our other Scotties and will continue to do so. It is fun to look back on our older pictures and remember the good old days.

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