Remembering one of my best days

It’s a lazy, boring Sunday. Mom cleaned the house this morning and didn’t find any hidden treats for me. It’s already over 90 degrees out – way too hot to do anything outside. So I got to thinking, why not start my Memory Monday a day early? (Mom said to remind everyone who wants to participate to send me a link to their post today or early tomorrow:

My boyfriend Noodle had such a horrible day yesterday, I tried to remember my best day, so I wouldn’t keep feeling bad for him. And I thought maybe it would cheer him up, too. Of course, the first day I thought about was Noodle and my first date. He really swept me off my feet!

Since most everyone already knows about our date, I tried to think back further, way before I knew Noodle. I thought back to the fall of 2007, to a day that included a dog park, french fries, Rock City, and a restaurant. All in one day! I was only four years old, and it was so good that I still remember it! First thing in the morning, Mom and Dad took me to my favorite dog park where I ran and ran and smelled all the other dogs’ stories. When I was finished at the dog park we went to Micky D’s and I got my very own order of French fries. While I munched on my fries, Mom and Dad drove me up Lookout Mountain to Rock City, where we work at Rocktoberfest every October.  My job there is to be the “German dog” and let the kids pet me. All Mom and Dad do is teach polka in their funny costumes. How do you like Mom’s wig?Rocktober fest J A L
After a full afternoon at Rock City, we drove back down the mountain to an area in Chattanooga called the Arts District. We went to Tony’s Restaurant that has patio seating where I was allowed to sit, too. As if that wasn’t enough of a great surprise, my bestest friend Pierre joined us for supper. I hadn’t seen him for a long time, and it made my heart happy. I fell asleep on the way home with happy memories of a day full of wonderful surprises running through my head.




3 thoughts on “Remembering one of my best days

  1. We are so glad that we have tile floors. The heat is getting to us too. Love the outfits on your pawrents. I don’t know we have many collective memories with the three Scotties.I might write about Sid’s first trip. Check it out.

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  2. Lexi, you are so sweet. Our first date was one of the best days of my life 🙂 the day you had when you were four sounds amazing! Your very own order of fries… That’s just…. AWESOME! I will work on my Memory Monday post asap!

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