Playing my Favorite Game

Mom and Dad spent most of the day moving things around. I sat outside and watched. First they moved a bunch of Dad’s stuff out of the shed. Then they moved a bunch of my brother Andrew’s stuff out of the garage and into the the newly emptied space in the shed. (Andrew, if you are reading this, I didn’t have any say in the whole thing.) (And they promised me you will like what they have done.) Then they moved Dad’s stuff that was now sitting in the yard into the garage where my brother Andrew’s stuff had been. What the? OK, so they did some cleaning and sorting in between, and I heard something about wanting to sell all the stuff that ended up in the garage. So maybe they actually have a plan. They are both big on organizing and have fun spending time together organizing things.

What didn’t happen was we didn’t get to have our dance party. I was mightily disappointed until Mommy said, “Let’s play your favorite game: Leave It, Find It.”

Dad has left now for a band gig. He plays a horn called a sax in a big band. That’s why we didn’t have time for the dance party, but he said we will do that tomorrow. Yip, yip, yippee! I am Lexi, the best treat finder ever!

4 thoughts on “Playing my Favorite Game

  1. Bowowowowow! Thank you, Noodle honey. I usually do even better, but I got a little nervous when I realized I was on camera. No one warned me. Ok, I didn’t get nervous, I got super excited. I love to act! Do you really like my voice? I practice using it a lot. ❤ Love you too, handsome boy!


  2. Wow! Not only do i have the most beautiful girlfriend in the world but she’s also so incredibly smart and talented! I got to hear your lovely voice in this video. My heart is smiling. Love you, my queen! *ear licks*


  3. Dad is right, L. GOOD GAME! Mom plays Find It with me, but I have to wait in the bathroom till she hides my teeth cleaning cookie. Then I sniff around till I find it. So fun!

    Love and licks,

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    1. Mom says she is soon taking the game to a new level. She is going to make me stay in another room while she hides my treats. Then it will just be the ‘Find It” game. I think I will still like it, though.


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