Religious Dilemma

I found my Mother Mary nightlight that my Dad gave me before he was my Dad. What happened way back in the fall of 2004 was this: Mommy heard Daddy – who was then my bestest friend Jeff – say something they say in church during Holy Communion as he placed my night-night treat on my tongue. She told him not to do that any more. Since my bestest friend Jeff – now my Dad – is an easy-going sort of guy, he didn’t argue. Instead, he went out and bought me a Mother Mary night light to put next to my kennel. I really liked it when he explained to me what it was. I started sending good thoughts up to the Mother Mary and became a good Catholic dog. Mommy was not happy. I’m not sure why. Maybe she wanted to be my only mother. In any case, she took my night light and hid it.  She said that my bestest friend Jeff has a wicked sense of humor, but enough was enough. That was a long time ago – almost 11 years.

As I started to say, today, I found it.

I've got my Mother Mary night light back. *snicker*

I’ve got my Mother Mary night light back. *snicker*

Since that all happened, I have become a good Episcopalian dog. I go to the church on the mountain at least two times every week. But I really like my night light. I am in something called a quandary. In other words, I don’t know what to do. Do I have to give up my night light to keep my new faith? Or do I have to go back to being a good Catholic dog to enjoy my night light? Can someone tell me what I should do (before Mommy unplugs it and takes it away again)?

So peaceful. And now I don't trip going up the stairs to bed during the night.

So peaceful. And now I don’t trip going up the stairs next to bed during the night.

10 thoughts on “Religious Dilemma

  1. Dearest Noddle, er, Noodle, I have decided to keep my night light.I can lay near it and dream about you. My good friends here have helped me to realize I don’t have to label myself. I can just be a good dog. Like you, my sweetheart. ❤


  2. Lexi, I don’t know ANYTHING about religion except these few things: 1) Mom thanks God for me everyday, 2) During Hanukkah we have a menorah, 3) In December we have a Christmas tree. I don’t think any of that qualifies me as an expert. I, however, AM an expert on this: knowing you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL next to your night light that makes you happy. Therefore, I say KEEP IT! You’re still a good Episcopalian doggy. XoXo, Noodle

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  3. Lexi, Episcopalians, Catholics, Lutherans, Methodists ect all believe in the same God, Jesus and Holy Spirit we just worship Him differently I think we worry too much about the theology surrounding Him and we need to focus more on believing in and simply loving Him. I’m glad your Mother Mary nightlight makes you feel better and gives you enough light so you don’t trip going to bed. Love and cuddles

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