My schnauzer cousin Piper just got a bad report from the doctor. He went to the vet with a bladder infection. Then we found out it was caused by diabetes. He will need two insulin shots every day. Also, his Class 4 heart murmur has caused both sides of his heart to enlarge. If that weren’t enough, the enlargement is affecting his lung, which is why he has been wheezing. He is a year younger than me. Still a whippersnapper. His momma is finishing her culinary degree in Italy and will be gone for about 3 more weeks. She is worried half sick about him, and is stressed that she isn’t with him right now. We want to bring him home to us, but his new daddy wants to keep him there. We understand, but still hope he will change his mind. We love Piper too.

Piper and Me on Memorial Day 2015
L to R Me-Piper-Marley
L – R -Piper, Marley, Me 2007


L to R Me, Milo, Piper on Halloween 2011
L – R Me, Milo, Piper, Halloween skunks 2012

Piper sitting in grass Piper running smiling

Please pray for me.
Please send up good thoughts for me.

10 thoughts on “URGENT POTP NEEDED

  1. Oh no, Lexi! This is AWFUL! I am praying as hard as my little dog body can pray for Piper. I’m sure that once his glucose levels get under control, everything else will calm down. *paws crossed* Love you! Oh, mom says to tell your mom that if she has any questions about canine diabetes to message her.

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