Another Groom Victim

For those of you just tuning it, Mom and I are in PA taking care of our BFF who was in a bad car accident. Pai the dog and Claudia the cat live there. Yesterday, Claud got shaved and this is what Pai looked like.

Paiana, pre-groom
Paisana, earlier this week.

Mom got up early today. She took me out, fed me, then this happened. I watched. *grin*

Paisana, post groom.
Paisana, post groom.

Pai does look happier since her groom, doesn’t she? Tomorrow is Saturday and there is no one left to groom, except…. no, no, no.

9 thoughts on “Another Groom Victim

  1. Mommy usually grooms me the last week of the month so that I look extra nice to go therapize the sick kids. I got groomed a week early this month since we were going on a trip. All she did today was comb the mats out of my legs.


  2. Uh-oh. I can see where this is headed. After the last pet is shaved, *gulp* and we all know who that will be, your mom’s BFF better wear a hat and hide in the closet!

    Love and licks,

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    1. Hi Cupcake! I had forgotten that Mommy groomed me just before we made the trip. A quick comb out this morning to get the mats and I am done! She won’t try it on our BFF – Mommy doesn’t groom peeps.


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