Memory Monday: Riley’s Arrival

Riley on MY bed. I am praying for deliverance.

Riley on MY bed. I am busy here praying for deliverance. Where’s my Mother Mary night light?

Today, Mom left me home with Dad, because he missed me so much while I was on my special trip to PA. She also had to go to the doctor to get another shot for the lingering poison ivy on her way to work this morning. So, I was laying around in MY bed when I discovered Riley was intent on making himself at home there too. You would think he had the run of the house while I was off on my mission of mercy. Hurumph.  You can see that I decided to pray for deliverance from the Dufus Riley. Mommy said that was so not nice.

So that got me to thinking about when Riley first arrived, and this is the story of that.

Memory Monday

November, 2010

A dog now named Riley has  come to live with us. Riley can’t claim a pedigree like I can. He is a mutt, a mongrel, a totally undignified mix of un-papered dogs who had a quick tryst, if you know what I mean. I shudder to think there are more like him running around out there. I couldn’t believe it when Mom brought him home in the first place. She called him Dufus the first couple of days he was here, and boy, did she have that right. She says she found him side winding like a rattler with legs down the middle of a busy back road and it was a miracle he hadn’t been hit by a car. When she stopped to save his life he splayed all four legs to stop her from putting him in her car. That shows what little intelligence he had even then. Who wouldn’t want to ride in a comfortable Toyota Avalon with heated leather seats? At the time Riley was only six months old and 28 pounds, plenty small enough for her to win that battle. She walked in the house announcing she had found a dog, but don’t worry, she wasn’t keeping him. She would find his owner or put him up for adoption on a website and that would be that. My BFF Auntie Jen and my Dad just looked at each other, shook their heads and laughed.

After a few days of advertising and no one claiming him, Mom declared he needed a name other than Dufus. “I mean,” she said, “who will take a dog called ‘Dufus’?” So she and Auntie Jen got on the internet to look at dog names. When Mom saw “Riley” she decided that fit him really well. At this point we were all supposed to start calling him “Riley” instead of “Dufus.” *sigh*

The next day Dad took him to the vet who said he had almost every worm known to dog, except, thankfully, heart worms. So he got Dufus  Riley de-wormed, vaccinated and on heart worm prevention. Oh, and did I mention he also had ringworm, which is really a contagious fungal infection, not even a worm? Aghh! Mom asked why Dad spent all that money on a dog they weren’t keeping. Dad said, “When you named him I knew we were keeping him.” Mom still denied it.

Then they bought him toys. So he wouldn’t chew anything in the house with his puppy teeth now starting to fall out. How that worked out is another whole story. Suffice it to say that we don’t have a sheet or blanket left in the house without at least one hole in it.  *sigh*

Six month old Riley with his new toys.

Six month old Riley with his new toys.

That’s the end of my Memory Monday. Hop on over to my sweet guy Noodle’s blog and check out his newest Memory Monday. Noodle 2

6 thoughts on “Memory Monday: Riley’s Arrival

  1. Lexi, you ALWAYS make me laugh! I’m sorry, I know this wasn’t meant to be funny but you just have a way of telling a story that makes it impossible to refrain from laughing. Also, I hate to do this to you but that puppy pic of Riley is SO cute! Now, him stealing space on YOUR bed…unacceptable! Now, are you sure you’re not going to be lonely when he moves out? I mean, he’s been there almost 5 years! Do you EVER play with him? *ear licks* and all my love, Noodle

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    • Hi Noodle Sweetie. I realize that my unique way of expressing myself can come across as humorous, as it is often laced with sarcasm. So you are not forgiven – rather encouraged – to go ahead and laugh. I like to make my sweetie laugh!

      Miss him? I don’t think so. Why, just last night he jumped up on the couch with me and Mom and Dad and STEPPED on my leg! Mom said it sounded like I was going to eat him alive, but Dad thought it was so funny that he kept pushing Riley’s paw on me to make me react. *hurumph*

      Play? Only if you call barking my head off at him while he goes through ridiculous motions to try to get me to play. I know what happens: he runs me over and I roll. Yeah, you wouldn’t be laughing right now if it happened to you! He is 50 pounds heavier than me!!

      One day he even rolled me down the hill while I was trying to p..p! It was steep, too, and frantically waving my legs every time my back was the part of the body on the ground did nothing to stop me.

      I think I will go to bed now.

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      • OMD! He stepped on your leg?! Uh oh. Mom just told me that what you described sounds like what I used to do to Mya all the time. She would be sleeping, curled up by Mom, I would jump up and land right on her, and she would wake up with the wrath of a thousand lions! Oops! Also, my favorite game with Khia would be to make her chase me and then she would roll me around like a rumble weed. She has 60 lbs on me. I loved it when she would do that. Although, she never did it while i was trying to #2. OMD! I can just picture your legs flailing in the air. I love you…. Sweet dreams my ladybug!

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  2. What an interesting story on Riley’s coming to live with you. That was nice of your mom and dad. Worms are very unkind and glad your mom and dad did something about them. It did cost them but they must have thought Riley was worth it.


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  3. Hmmm. Just because I showed you a couple of pictures… hmmm. I guess he is pretty smart after all. He knows how to unlatch the back gate and let me run free. And learned Freestyle quickly. And agility. And has a big vocabulary. Hmmm. Ok, ok, so maybe I’m REALLY praying that Riley and Andrew will be ok when they go out on their own. No way my peeps brother is leaving Ri-boy behind. He loves him WAY more than I do.


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