Updates and Mowing and Camouflage

Mommy was pulling weeds in my dog lot alongside the house this morning when she about “jumped out of her skin,” as she put it. Right over her head was a writing spider. Her first thought was to “whack” it, then she remembered Charlotte. It looked a lot like Charlotte, but too small.



So she left mini-Charlotte alone and got out the mower. Have I mentioned that it has both rained and sunned a lot here lately? The grass was so deep and thick that the mower barely got through it. Mom decided to call a neighbor who cuts grass to do the rest of the steeply-sloped yard. She took a picture partway through mowing in case anyone would like to see how tall the dog lot grass was.

0829151116 Grass. You know, Mom, this is so boring.

We walked around the back of the house and lo and behold, there was Charlotte way down by Dad’s office window. She had built a big, new web and was patiently waiting for her next victim. Update #1, Charlotte is alive and well, and has apparently expanded her territory. Her old web is intact, too. Perhaps she is building a franchise.

This is Charlotte's underside. I think she was busy sucking the juice out of something.

This is Charlotte’s underside. I think she was busy sucking the juice out of something.

Update #2: Our BFF in PA is doing much better. Some of you may remember when we went up there earlier in the summer. The hospital bed is gone from the living room and she can walk with crutches now. Her leg is healing real good and she can even go up the stairs to her bedroom and bathroom. Next will be the repair on her hip, and I hope that means another trip for me and Mom. My away-from-home- dad, Buddy, misses me and I miss him too.

Now for the camouflage.

Can you find us? Hint: red dog on red sheets; black and gray dog on black and gray bed.

Can you find us? Hint: red dog on red sheets; black and gray dog on black and gray bed.

You may notice I was careful to only put my silver-colored paw on the gray part of the bed. Mom found us anyhow. I think the bow gave me away.

I am Lexi, the camouflage, spider-watching schnauzer.

Memory Monday: Nursing Home Therapy

I don’t get to go to nursing homes anymore, not since my Grandma died. Sometimes I still think about it, though, because I still like older people. And sometimes when we go to the children’s hospital, we sneak into the section where there are sick big people – mostly older – and I feel their need. I give them the very best therapy possible. Hmmm. I think I will ask Mom to start taking me to nursing homes again. They need me. I have asked Mommy to type my memory Monday part in blue so you will know when it ends and we are back to now.

Memory Monday: My first trip to a nursing home.

March 20, 2007: Mom came home from work early on Friday and took me to a nursing home. At first I thought I was going to see my Grandma who lives near there, but I got to see lots and lots of other people who are old like my Grandma. Their rooms all open out to hallways, too, so they wouldn’t be able to let me stay all day either. They all talked to me nice and petted me. Mom told everyone about me being Toto in the Wizard of Oz. The bling on my collar was the picture button with me and Dorothy on it. No one had met a real, live star before, and I think they liked that. I felt very proud. There were a lot of cookie crumbs and I cleaned them up for everyone. I am a good helper.  It was hot and stuffy in there and my throat got parched. It smelled funny too, like stuff I am not allowed to do in the house. I started whining and Mommy looked like she was going to be sick, so we left. She said we might go to a different nursing home next time.

I am a therapy dog now. I hope I don’t have to learn a new name again, like I did for the play.

Saturday I get to see my good schnauzer friends, Piper and Marley.

Lexi_Piper_Marley on patio 07

The Three Amigos: (L-R) Piper, Marley and Me

We are all going to get tested to be therapy dogs for hospitals that take care of children. I like all the children petting me. I am so sure I will pass whatever the test is. I hear that Marley is a little worried about this because she never liked kids. I think I will talk to her about it. After all, I never liked kids either until the Wizard of Oz. I will let her know they are really OK. Sometimes they are yummy sticky and they usually drop food, so it’s good to hang around them. I am Lexi, the new nursing home dog.

See, I even said way back when I was only 4 years old that I am a nursing home dog. Yep, gotta’ get that going again.

Noodle 2Now for a Memory Memory post from my bestest guy, Noodle.

Mixed up Monday: Where’s my food?

I normally start my work day on Tuesday. However, Mom has an appointment this Wednesday morning and cannot take me to the church on the mountain, so she took me Monday morning to make up for it. Some making up (yes, this is sarcasm). She forgot my food! The good food Dad had already fixed with my canned topping. Did she forget her food? No. Did she have plenty of time to pack it? Yes! Once she realized her huge mistake, a mistake affecting my life, my happiness, she texted my bestest friend Jentry, who she knew was coming up the mountain, and asked her to bring my dog food that was in my bowl on the floor near the living room. Those were her exact words. Did my ex-bestest friend Jentry get it right? No! She brought me dry dog food in the wrong carry-out container. If you are going to bring me the wrong food, at least put it in the fake butter container with the red lid, not the orange Tupperware with the starburst lid!  I can’t get that lid off!! I think it was a conspiracy to starve me.

This is a picture of how I feel about dry food sans topping.

This is a picture of how I feel about dry food without topping, after being delivered in the wrong container.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Mom went upstairs in the church to her staff lunch meeting, and took her good-smelling food with her. She shut me in the office with my ex-bestest friend with nothing to eat! When Jentry stepped out of the office to make unimportant copies of unimportant stuff on the machine right outside the door, I scratched politely on the door to let her know I wanted out. I wanted to go up with my Mom where all the food was. She ignored me, so I started pounding on the door with my paw. I can pound pretty hard, hard enough to shake the door, so hard, in fact, that Jentry thought I was head-butting the door. No, Jentry, I was saving that for you! When she finally opened the door to the office I took advantage of the opportunity to run upstairs to Mom and all the other people eating without me. Mom immediately realized her second mistake of the day and gave me the piddly little bit that was left of her lunch. Before I could finish it, here came Jentry after me. She swooped me up into her arms, apologized for the interruption, and carried me back to the office, all the while scolding me with “bad dogs.” *hurumph* My pitiful looks finally started to work and she said since she was hungry too, and had brought me the wrong food, she would take me to McDonald’s.

Yea! Micky D’s! My bestest friend Jentry bought me Micky D fries and, even though I stared at the bag as hard as I could the whole way back to the church, she made me wait. Once she started feeding me the fries, they were so good I forgot about being mad at her. A short time later while she was in the hallway talking to some people, telling them what a bad dog I had been (I think one of them was my Mom, but I was too busy at the time to be sure) I managed to get the so-called empty bag unfolded and stuck head in it. After some man made a comment about getting a picture of the schnauzer with her head stuck in a bag – but before said deed could be accomplished – my almost-friend Jentry ran back into the office and pried my mouth open before I could swallow the ketchup packet. I guess I will have to try Micky D ketchup packets another day.

Memory Monday: The Elevator

Today I was thinking about elevators and how they have become a part of life. I ride an elevator at least twice every time I go to therapize the sick kids at the children’s hospital  and even understand the etiquette of elevator riding: turn to face the front and be quiet.

Sometimes I rode the elevator when Mommy and I worked at St. Paul’s. One evening we were all there (Mom and Dad and me) teaching a ballroom dance class. There was a good mixture of parishioners and folks from the big band that my Dad plays in. They all know me and know enough about me to realize what a talented genius I am. We taught in a large room upstairs, with the elevator just outside the door. Eventually, I got bored and headed down the stairs, then down the long hallway to the kitchen, which was at the other end of the church. I thought maybe I could get a little snack before going back to help with the class. While I was gone, something made the elevator ding. The class stopped and, suddenly realizing I was gone, everyone looked questioningly out at the elevator. Finally, someone voiced what everyone there was thinking: did Lexi push the button and get on the elevator? BOL! I am not tall enough to push the buttons!

I want to share with you the story of my first elevator ride in today’s Memory Monday.

February 6, 2007
I had my first ride in an elevator. Mom carried me onto it. It started to go up and when she tried to put me down I clung onto her like crazy. No way was I going to stand on this thing that was moving under us. She caught me with her knee as I was sliding off her and she saved me. The doors of this elevator thing slid open and she carried me out into a hallway. Then I got to visit my Grandma in her new apartment. I was so excited to see her and she was excited to see me too. When we were done visiting Mom held me on the elevator ride back down.

A few days later I went back to see Grandma and had to go on this elevator thing again. Mom tricked me – just walked right onto it with me on my leash. I was looking at this person that I thought would pet me and wasn’t paying enough attention to where I was going. I could feel it begin to move, but I kept my eye on that bright metal circle in the middle. I think that was the thing making it all happen. We made it up OK and I was wiggly happy to see my Grandma again. Grandma had a piece of toast all ready just for me. Mom thought she tricked me again when we left, but I knew that as long as I watched that circle thing, it would be OK. I just wanted to share that with all of my friends so you would know to just watch that metal circle and you don’t need to be afraid to go on an elevator. The elevator will take you good places, like to see the people you love. I am Lexi, the brave elevator-riding schnauzer.

By the way, since I posted this eight years ago I have come to realize that not all elevators have metal circles in the middle and that isn’t what makes them work. I am older and wiser now!

Memory Monday: Lily and Ivy

It’s Memory Monday time, and I’ve been thinking about my half sisters, Lily and Ivy, who have crossed the rainbow bridge. Ivy was my hero, everything I wanted to be. She taught me how to be a good leader.

Ivy 2006

Ivy, leader of the pack

They only lived with us every other week, and I was always testing Ivy to see if I could be in charge.  I clearly remember the last time that happened. She decided not to put up with my insubordination any longer. Ivy put me on my back and stood over me, moving her open mouth back and forth in front of my face. I squeezed my eyes tightly shut so I couldn’t see myself die and started to scream. It took what seemed like an eternity (at least 2 seconds) for Mom to come running into the kitchen to rescue me. The rest of the account is from Mom, since I had my eyes closed and was making too much screamy noise to hear anything.

Lexi’s Mom here. I politely asked Ivy to move off of Lexi and she did. Lexi, still on her back, just kept on screaming. Ivy and I looked at each other and if a dog could shrug their shoulders, I would swear she did. We both looked at Lexi again and back at each other. I finally said, “Lexi, it’s over. You can stop screaming now.” Lexi peeked through her eyelashes and started the wind down screaming. It kept getting softer and slower until she finally stopped.

It’s me, Lexi, back to pick up the story. I swear I saw my life flash before my eyes. I was only two, so it didn’t take long. After the “incident” I made a wide berth around Ivy for a while, just to be sure. I never challenged her again.



Daddy was just leaving for vacation when a young orange-colored dog showed up at the house where he was living. He told her if she was still there when he got back that she could live with him. She conned different neighbors into feeding her until he got back and lived with him ever since.

Lily was usually everyone’s favorite because she was such a sweet and friendly girl. By “everyone” I mean anyone new who met them. Mommy said that she liked Ivy’s cocky attitude best from the moment she met her. One day Mom was laying on the couch feeling sick. Ivy curled up with her and Mommy almost instantly felt better. Dad said he had never seen Ivy take to someone like she did Mom. After that, he called her Mommy’s black healer.

Once in a while Lily would make a break for it. About a year or so ago, Riley unlatched the fence gate while Lily was out in the yard. When she got out and started running down the street Riley was smart enough to realize he had made a big mistake and took off after her. My BFF Jentry was in charge of the dogs when this happened. She quickly discovered the jailbreak and was about to start through the neighborhood in search of two red dogs when she saw them coming back down the road from the cul de sac. Riley – even though responsible for Lily’s escape – had been a good brother and stayed with her to be sure she was ok. Lily was about 16 years old at the time.

Sometimes Lily was a clown. This is a picture of her when she got a feather stuck on her nose.

Lily the clown

Lily the clown

Lily in my kennel

Lily in my kennel

Lily was terrified of thunderstorms. She would try to hide in the most ridiculous places, like in the 2 inch crack between the stove and counter. Here she is hiding in my kennel. It is a large kennel, so it was much more comfortable than in a crack. She got pretty deaf in her old age and that actually worked for her, as she couldn’t hear the thunder any more.

Ivy in our bed

Ivy in our bed

In the summer Mommy would shave both Ivy and Lily. They were so much cooler without all that thick hair and undercoat, and it sure did stop the hair balls doing the tumbleweed dance around the house. As Ivy got older, she got to be more reclusive.

Lily the birthday girl

Lily the birthday girl

Lily was a real party girl and loved celebrating birthdays as much as I do. The difference is she didn’t mind sharing. Lily would be proud of me for sharing these memories with you. Ivy would have just said, “Whatever.”

I don’t want to turn into Spiderdog

Mom hates bugs of any kind. So when she investigated what Riley and I were staring at on the patio floor and found it was a small lizard caught by a spider’s web, she set the little guy free.

She then got her broom and started knocking down the many webs around the patio floor, furniture and ceiling, finally moving outside to get any there. Imagine her wide-eyed, try-to-hold-it-together, freeze-in-place look when she saw this creature under the house eaves just outside the screened patio.

Unidentified, scary spider

Unidentified, scary spider


The markings on its back look white in the pic but are yellow. Notice the distinctive web design in the lower left of the bottom pic. It looks like a phone cord.

Can anyone tell us

  1. What kind of spider this is and
  2.  If it is dangerous and
  3. If Mom should kill it? (she is leaning toward death to all spiders)

(Notice I got to use my counting skills!)

Oh, and did I mention it is big!

Continuing the 8 Photos of Happiness Challenge

Noodle nominated me to participate in the 8 Photos of Happiness Challenge created by Ariel’s Little Corner of the Internet. How fun! In no particular order…

My all-time favorite thing…the stage. And this is a montage, so it counts as one picture, as Noodle said!

My all-time favorite thing…the stage. And this is a montage, so it counts as one picture, as Noodle said!

I love to go to Rock City with Mom and Dad for Rocktober Fest. I always see some of my peeps friends there and there is good German food for a good German dog, too!

I love to go to Rock City with Mom and Dad for Rocktober Fest. I always see some of my peeps friends there and there is good German food for a good German dog, too!

This picture is from my 10-year-old birthday party. I had a Healthy Choice meal with my Mom and Dad and then my very own cake shaped like a dog. I know, kinda’ weird, but Mom meant well. Can you see the happy all over my face?

This picture is from my 10-year-old birthday party. I had a Healthy Choice meal with my Mom and Dad and then my very own cake shaped like a dog. I know, kinda’ weird, but Mom meant well. Can you see the happy all over my face?

This one is from my last Freestyle competition. I love Freestyle!

This one is from my last Freestyle competition. I love Freestyle!

Another  birthday pic, this one from this past May. I love birthdays and I love MickyD's!!

Another birthday pic, this one from this past May. I love birthdays and I love Micky D’s!!

I love boating on my Sammy Joe, feeling the wind in my face.

I love boating on my Sammy Joe, feeling the wind in my face.

I love to help Mom in the kitchen.

I love to help Mom in the kitchen.

There are so many more pictures of things that make me happy, it is hard to choose the last one. Should it be of me at work at the church on the mountain? Or rolling in the ivy? Or taking a trip?

It's hard to stay awake when it is bedtime, but sacri- fices have to be made.

This is one of my nite-nite rituals with my Dad. Happy endings to happy days.

It’s now time for me to nominate the following blogs/friends:

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Sophie, who knows what a real terrier attitude should be, at corkscot (OK, Shelby and Sidney too)

I do not wish to be responsible for anyone’s unhappiness because I inadvertently omitted them, so If you want to join the challenge, just JOIN!

Rules and explanation of this tag:

  • Thank your nominator/s and link them in your post.
  • Link the creator (Ariel’s little corner of the internet)
  • Post your 8 photos of happiness;
  • The photos can be anything that represents a moment, object, place or feeling that makes you happy.
  •  Pop in a brief description of the photo, why you chose it or let the photos do the talking!
  • Spread the happiness and tag up to ten other bloggers!

Memory Monday: The Triple i

It’s Memory Monday time again and I wanted to try once again to explain why  I am not BFF’s with Riley . He is an imposter, an imposer and an imposition. (I am practicing my i words today.) He wants to do everything I do. Here are two examples. (No Mom, I don’t think I am obsessing over Riley.)Memory Monday:

June 18, 2012

Riley’s Diary: I am an agility AND a freestyle dog.


Me and Andrew at Agility!

Hi friends. I completed my first agility course with my people brother Andrew and got a nice piece of paper for it. Not edible. Andrew is going to keep it because it is his first time doing anything like this. Well, it is my first time too, but I love Andrew so I guess I will let him keep it. We are now in Agility II and doing stuff called teeters and weaves. I am slowly getting used to stepping on a training board that moves around. It is a bit scary, but I am getting braver every week. The other dogs are all running across the real teeter. I need to think about it a bit longer before I trust it. Agility is really great though, cause I get tons and tons of treats while I am there, really good stuff I never get any other time. The best part, though is that Andrew has a new toy he plays with me only when we are there. I want to play with the other dogs, too, but I have to understand that this is not the time for it.

Me and Milo practicing our Freestyle.

Me and Milo practicing our Freestyle.

I have also been going with Mom and Lexi and Milo to Freestyle training. I have to sit in a crate a lot, but boy do I ever love it when I get to go on the floor and strut my stuff. Everyone says how very beautiful I look with my long legs, just like a Tennessee Walking Horse. Now I don’t know what that is, but it must be really pretty.

I am so happy to get to do the things my talented little sis does! She’s the best!  Riley

Now here is a Memory Monday from my best guy, Noodle. Noodle 2