I don’t want to turn into Spiderdog

Mom hates bugs of any kind. So when she investigated what Riley and I were staring at on the patio floor and found it was a small lizard caught by a spider’s web, she set the little guy free.

She then got her broom and started knocking down the many webs around the patio floor, furniture and ceiling, finally moving outside to get any there. Imagine her wide-eyed, try-to-hold-it-together, freeze-in-place look when she saw this creature under the house eaves just outside the screened patio.

Unidentified, scary spider

Unidentified, scary spider


The markings on its back look white in the pic but are yellow. Notice the distinctive web design in the lower left of the bottom pic. It looks like a phone cord.

Can anyone tell us

  1. What kind of spider this is and
  2.  If it is dangerous and
  3. If Mom should kill it? (she is leaning toward death to all spiders)

(Notice I got to use my counting skills!)

Oh, and did I mention it is big!

13 thoughts on “I don’t want to turn into Spiderdog

  1. Yikes! That web is bizarre and that spider may be an alien. Mom and I are in favor of death to all spiders – especially ones from outer space. Also death to all bugs and ants and flies and gnats and once I even ate a butterfly. Kill it.

    Love and licks,

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  2. Lexi!! I usually like spiders cause mom likes spiders….they kill ants…her phobia. However, this spider looks dangerous. A real killer. Stay away my friend. I don’t trust him. From here, he looks silver…maybe a nasty spider wearing a good spider suit, MOL


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    • I think this is two votes for death to the spider. My brother texted and said it is a writer spider and they are good and eat all the bad things. So he and my dad both vote for a stay of execution.


  3. This seems to be the year of the spider. I have never seen so many in Florida. At night, they seen to go from one tree to another 40 feet away. i am constantly getting caught by them . NOT A FAN!!!!

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