Memory Monday: Lily and Ivy

It’s Memory Monday time, and I’ve been thinking about my half sisters, Lily and Ivy, who have crossed the rainbow bridge. Ivy was my hero, everything I wanted to be. She taught me how to be a good leader.

Ivy 2006

Ivy, leader of the pack

They only lived with us every other week, and I was always testing Ivy to see if I could be in charge.  I clearly remember the last time that happened. She decided not to put up with my insubordination any longer. Ivy put me on my back and stood over me, moving her open mouth back and forth in front of my face. I squeezed my eyes tightly shut so I couldn’t see myself die and started to scream. It took what seemed like an eternity (at least 2 seconds) for Mom to come running into the kitchen to rescue me. The rest of the account is from Mom, since I had my eyes closed and was making too much screamy noise to hear anything.

Lexi’s Mom here. I politely asked Ivy to move off of Lexi and she did. Lexi, still on her back, just kept on screaming. Ivy and I looked at each other and if a dog could shrug their shoulders, I would swear she did. We both looked at Lexi again and back at each other. I finally said, “Lexi, it’s over. You can stop screaming now.” Lexi peeked through her eyelashes and started the wind down screaming. It kept getting softer and slower until she finally stopped.

It’s me, Lexi, back to pick up the story. I swear I saw my life flash before my eyes. I was only two, so it didn’t take long. After the “incident” I made a wide berth around Ivy for a while, just to be sure. I never challenged her again.



Daddy was just leaving for vacation when a young orange-colored dog showed up at the house where he was living. He told her if she was still there when he got back that she could live with him. She conned different neighbors into feeding her until he got back and lived with him ever since.

Lily was usually everyone’s favorite because she was such a sweet and friendly girl. By “everyone” I mean anyone new who met them. Mommy said that she liked Ivy’s cocky attitude best from the moment she met her. One day Mom was laying on the couch feeling sick. Ivy curled up with her and Mommy almost instantly felt better. Dad said he had never seen Ivy take to someone like she did Mom. After that, he called her Mommy’s black healer.

Once in a while Lily would make a break for it. About a year or so ago, Riley unlatched the fence gate while Lily was out in the yard. When she got out and started running down the street Riley was smart enough to realize he had made a big mistake and took off after her. My BFF Jentry was in charge of the dogs when this happened. She quickly discovered the jailbreak and was about to start through the neighborhood in search of two red dogs when she saw them coming back down the road from the cul de sac. Riley – even though responsible for Lily’s escape – had been a good brother and stayed with her to be sure she was ok. Lily was about 16 years old at the time.

Sometimes Lily was a clown. This is a picture of her when she got a feather stuck on her nose.

Lily the clown

Lily the clown

Lily in my kennel

Lily in my kennel

Lily was terrified of thunderstorms. She would try to hide in the most ridiculous places, like in the 2 inch crack between the stove and counter. Here she is hiding in my kennel. It is a large kennel, so it was much more comfortable than in a crack. She got pretty deaf in her old age and that actually worked for her, as she couldn’t hear the thunder any more.

Ivy in our bed

Ivy in our bed

In the summer Mommy would shave both Ivy and Lily. They were so much cooler without all that thick hair and undercoat, and it sure did stop the hair balls doing the tumbleweed dance around the house. As Ivy got older, she got to be more reclusive.

Lily the birthday girl

Lily the birthday girl

Lily was a real party girl and loved celebrating birthdays as much as I do. The difference is she didn’t mind sharing. Lily would be proud of me for sharing these memories with you. Ivy would have just said, “Whatever.”

8 thoughts on “Memory Monday: Lily and Ivy

  1. Lexi, that’s so funny, you screaming your head off! Bet Lily and your mom had a good laugh at your expense too. Kali does weird things like yelling when I try to play with her my way. She’s still screaming (that high pitched Siamese scream) when I’m gone.

    I like Lily…I’d probably push like you Lexi. It’s just who we are!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Mom says I act all tough, but when push comes to shove, I’m all scream! I hope you have earplugs for when Kali starts caterwauling. Oh, and it’s Ivy, the black dog, who was my hero. Dear Lily couldn’t have scared anyone!


  2. OMD! That story made me shudder in pure terror! NEVER challenge the big dogs, ok? It was nice learning about Lily and Ivy. I thought Mya was the only dog in history who had a joint custody situation. Oh, Mom wants to tell you something…

    Noodle’s Mom here. Lexi, your narration of the events made me laugh hysterically. I am SO very sorry for what happened to you. I understand it is not a laughing matter, However, your story and your Mom’s story are just too much. Talk to you soon.

    Geez….please ignore my Mom Lexi .She just doesn’t understand what it’s like to be little. And are we truly to blame for being so passionate and expressive in our story telling? Love you little butterfly!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you understand, Noodle. And your Mom’s kinda right, too. Looking back at it I can laugh. Since then I have learned a new tactic in challenging the big dog: be sure Mom already told him (Riley) to stop eating my food, get off my couch, etc. Then I know she has my back, as they say, and I growl ferociously!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • The other day, Mom let me and Macy go at it for 30 seconds so she could get video evidence of how crazy Macy makes me. She’s tempted to upload it to my blog. I have changed my password. No one should see that. That’s my ugly side and it is reserved for Macy and Macy ONLY!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely Memories Lexi…we all learn different things from those around us….it us a very precious gift to learn from others ..thankyou for sharing and yes i think Lily and Ivy would be proud of you 🙂 loves Fozziemum xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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