My Fish Oil Pill

0814151800b Every night after we eat supper, Mommy and I take our fish oil pills. When Mom first hands it to me, I refuse it. Then she forgets which one is hers and sticks mine in her mouth. Every single time!!! Then she says, “Uh oh, this one is yours,” and gives it to me. I always take it then because I am afraid she will eat it if I don’t. Silly Mommy!

10 thoughts on “My Fish Oil Pill

  1. We have the same one in our house. Mom opens up the pill and puts it on our food. We love it. mom is taking part in a study from Harvard and can’t take any fish oil pills. She eats fish every day anyway.

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    • My Mom hates fish, but my Dad used to eat it every day. Then he found 100% grass-fed beef that he can eat and it is much less costly. Fish is very expensive around here, so the peeps say. Anyhow, Dad used to squirt it on my food, but I don’t always eat all my food and you never know when Riley is going to scarf up some of it, so now we just take our pills together every night. 🙂


  2. Lexi, that’s a clever idea…eat it before she does….you never can tell with peeps. They can be odd. We are deep into your book as our bedtime story. You and your mom sure have fun. Wonder if mom will buy us a boat? I kinda don’t think so but you don’t know for sure till ya suck up, right! MOL


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    • It’s true that we have had a lot of fun. Lately, though, it’s been boring. My joints are too old for agility; the freestyle group broke up; poison ivy has kept Mom off the boat and out of the heat; and no Wizard of Oz productions. We did go to PA, but other than that, it seems like all we do is work. Oh yeah, I do still go to therapize the kids once a month! Hey keep working on the folks for that boat. You never know. Although I have never seen any kittie life vests…


      • These things go in cycles Lexi. That’s what I’ve noticed. We need to see the boring to appreciate the happy and active times. My mom is canning and freezing veggies and dehydrating herbs. She doesn’t seem to be doing much else lately. Pretty soon she will be finished and we’ll go back to doing our thing, playing and walking and having fun. I think she’s getting tired of it.

        You got a point there Lexi….I’ve never seen a kittie life vest either. I wonder if dad could make one? I must think about this….

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