Updates and Mowing and Camouflage

Mommy was pulling weeds in my dog lot alongside the house this morning when she about “jumped out of her skin,” as she put it. Right over her head was a writing spider. Her first thought was to “whack” it, then she remembered Charlotte. It looked a lot like Charlotte, but too small.


So she left mini-Charlotte alone and got out the mower. Have I mentioned that it has both rained and sunned a lot here lately? The grass was so deep and thick that the mower barely got through it. Mom decided to call a neighbor who cuts grass to do the rest of the steeply-sloped yard. She took a picture partway through mowing in case anyone would like to see how tall the dog lot grass was.

0829151116 Grass. You know, Mom, this is so boring.

We walked around the back of the house and lo and behold, there was Charlotte way down by Dad’s office window. She had built a big, new web and was patiently waiting for her next victim. Update #1, Charlotte is alive and well, and has apparently expanded her territory. Her old web is intact, too. Perhaps she is building a franchise.

This is Charlotte's underside. I think she was busy sucking the juice out of something.
This is Charlotte’s underside. I think she was busy sucking the juice out of something.

Update #2: Our BFF in PA is doing much better. Some of you may remember when we went up there earlier in the summer. The hospital bed is gone from the living room and she can walk with crutches now. Her leg is healing real good and she can even go up the stairs to her bedroom and bathroom. Next will be the repair on her hip, and I hope that means another trip for me and Mom. My away-from-home- dad, Buddy, misses me and I miss him too.

Now for the camouflage.

Can you find us? Hint: red dog on red sheets; black and gray dog on black and gray bed.
Can you find us? Hint: red dog on red sheets; black and gray dog on black and gray bed.

You may notice I was careful to only put my silver-colored paw on the gray part of the bed. Mom found us anyhow. I think the bow gave me away.

I am Lexi, the camouflage, spider-watching schnauzer.

8 thoughts on “Updates and Mowing and Camouflage

  1. We are overrun by spiders. It is really bad at night. If the lights are on,you can see the webs running from one tree to the next. You are more kindhearted than me. Death to all spiders in my way.

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    1. We understand. Mom kills little spiders she finds in the house. And on the screened patio. She is giving these two a chance to keep the other insect population down, but if one of them ever bites her, it will meet a quick and merciless death.


  2. We are so glad you saved the spidey. Mom is not crazy over spiders but they do kill ants and mom is phobic about ants…believe me, I’ve been with her when she sees a lot of ants….its not a pretty sight. Your Charlotte looks pretty big to me, Lexi.
    So happy your mom’s friend is doing so well.


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