A Visit to the Vet

Mom gave me a bath early this morning, then she took me to the doctor. Don’t they do enough nasty things to you without having to get a bath first? Yes, the requisite glass stick was stuck up the you-know-what. Then the nice lady doctor checked my back leg, driver’s side, that has been bothering me for a long time. It goes out from under me sometimes, and I have trouble jumping up on the furniture and, worst of all, my kitchen table chair. Mom has been cleaning yellow discharge from right eye, so she checked that too and said the retina thing looked very good. She listened to my heart and said it sounded strong.  I have started shaking my head and scratching at my left ear, so she looked in it, too.  The lady doc said she wanted to take an expensive x-ray of my leg, and the extra benefit of it was that she could see all my internal organs, too. Eewww. That just sounds gross, and I have no idea why Mom was so enthusiastic about it.

Results: I have one luxated patella. Dr. Sally said it was not genetic or they would both be like that. More likely, I injured it at some point in the past, and neither Mom nor I even knew about it at the time. It was probably when I jumped off the kitchen counter onto the  hard tile floor. Don’t ask. Or it could have been when I jumped off the dining room table. Don’t ask. Or when Mom dropped me on my head in a store onto the hard concrete floor when I was eight weeks old. Oh wait, I jumped out of the buggy and landed on my head. Nope, that didn’t hurt my leg. Whatever caused it, it’s there and not going away.

In the xray she also saw a stone in my bladder. I did not eat any stones, I promise. My heart and my liver are slightly enlarged. So now what?

Dr. Sally said the number one thing that would help everything is for me to….are you ready for this….lose weight. Four or five pounds.

This can't be right!

This can’t be right!

Mom has a lot to do to take care of me now:
1. Eyes and ears are probably allergies, so she got a medicine like Claritin that I have to take every day. That means more treats, like coconut oil! I can see I am getting around this diet already. She also has to put special drops in my ears every day.
2. Because of the stone in my bladder I can now only drink distilled water. I wonder if that is like moonshine. Mom bought a gallon jug of it, then went back and got two more gallons to take to each of our work places. I have my very own water!

So this is my new water?

So this is my new water?

Are you sure this is ok to drink?

Are you sure this is ok to drink?











Mom has to start giving me a shot of adequin in my back leg twice a week. She said it cost more than the x-rays, but I am worth it. 🙂 After a month I get it in one month, then every three months. I hope Mom can remember all this. I am to keep taking my fish oil pill and my dasuquin, which are both good for my internal organs as well as my joints. And they taste good, so I still have those treats, too. I am supposed to go on walks or swim a lot to keep building up the muscles in that leg. Not to procrastinate, we left the vet and went on two short walks on the way home. The temperature was in the 80’s with high humidity so we couldn’t walk for too long. Pooh, who needs to exercise when I can have fun walking? I must have read a dozen different stories along the way.

To help my heart and liver, I am not allowed to drink alcohol – that’s ok, I have my very own non-alcoholic Kahlua. But because I have to lose weight I am not allowed to have that sugary goodness. Again, with the weight loss thing. Daddy said the vet has a stamp  for my chart that says, “lose five pounds” that she uses every time I go to see her. That is so not funny, Dad.

Oh, and I have plaque on my teeth. Dr. Sally: “Didn’t I give you a tool to remove the plaque from Lexi’s teeth.” Mom, looking sheepish: “Yes, but I’m not good at it. I will try again.” Dr. Sally: “If I have to do a dental, I will remove the big fatty tumor on her chest at the same time.” So now they are planning a chest reduction. OMD, what is next?

19 thoughts on “A Visit to the Vet

  1. I knew you were my friends! No, it’s really not as complicated as it sounds. She can handle it. And we are going for more walks! It’s just that she’s starving me to death. I only got 1/2 of a cherry tomato for dinner tonight (not counting my dog food).


  2. Big Oscar, you are so right! It was a marathon. I was so exhausted on the way home – a 45 minute drive – that I fell asleep sitting up in the car. I slid down and slept for a while, but then I woke up and realized I might be missing something, so I sat back up and went to sleep again.


  3. Just you take care of yourself – and your Mom sounds like your visit to the vet was a marathon all by its self !! now try to be good and hope to hear everything is going fantastic in your next post Love Big Oscar xx

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  4. Goodness me Lexi sounds like an olympic workout..but hey at leats it was thorough..now lose a little weight is always an easy to say not easy to do thing..goodluck sweetie and we are sure you will be fine!! loves Fozziemum xx

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  5. For crying out loud, L.! You got the once over and the twice over and the three times over at the vet! What a checkup! Treat restriction is the worst! When I gain a pound, that’s what happens to me. Mom weighs me every week by weighing herself, then picking me up and weighing both of us, and then doing math. She stinks at math, so I have a feeling some treat restriction may be a horrible mistake! Good luck with your shots. I hope your mom has marked her calendar, and I hope she doesn’t have to do any math….

    Love and licks,

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    • Hi Cupcake. My Mom says the problem is that everyone feeds me. I have always seen that as a good thing! Auntie Cary at work always brings me apples and broccoli and chicken. My brother Andrew gives me pizza bones. My BFF Jentry is the best cook in the world and always shares. I sit at the table during dinner and get bites from Mom and Dad. Now everyone is put on alert, no more table sitting, and NO MORE MICKEY D’S!!


  6. Lexi, giving you a cuddle and your mom a hug. I know the diet thing is hard but it’s going to help make you feel better so do the best you can. I know Mom and Dad will help you. Your own water… pretty cool! Only the most special pups get their very own water! Keep us posted!

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    • Dad even measured my food right this morning instead of measuring one full scoop of dry then dumping lots of canned on top of it. Mom said, “Jeff, you have to put a spoon of the canned food in the scoop first, then finish filling it with the kibble.” Unfortunately, Dad usually listens to Mom.


    • So true in many cases. Although that really applies to the butcher. Mommy used to work at this vet’s and she and the doc spent a portion of the visit “gossiping.” Mommy also knows the questions to ask and the answers to question. That helps.


  7. Lexi this post is horrifying! I’m so worried about you. Your poor knee! Your heart! Your liver! I’m not a fan of diets. I hate them. BUT! You must lose those 5lbs. I don’t even know what I’d do it something happened to you. OMD! I feel sick. Everything’s spinning…..
    Noodle’s mom here: Hi, sweet Lexi. Noodle needed to step away from the computer for a moment. We are both very worried about you. Please take care of yourself, ok? Hugs and scratchies. Noodle send his love (he had to put his head down).

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    • Noodle, I feel fine, honey. Mommy is taking good care of me. And I misspoke. I have hip dysplasia in one hip. I will have to go back on-line and tell everyone my knees are perfect, It’s a hip. The shots don’t hurt, either, it’s a really small needle. Tell your Mom thanks and you and I will be running through Central Park together again soon. ❤

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