Important Medical Correction

My dear friends,

Mommy wanted to try typing patella luxation because it is such a cool sounding word (or words). She should have done it somewhere other than in my post.

I do not have that. My knees are great. The doc even said so.

I have hip dysplasia in my left hip.


Mom, would you please get it right next time? Just sayin’.

I am Lexi of the strong knees.

16 thoughts on “Important Medical Correction

  1. Mrs. Belle’s Mom, ask your vet about adequin injections. It’s pretty expensive the first month, then becomes more manageable. My 17 year old sis got them regularly and it helped her tons up until the last few months of her life.


  2. Dear Lexi of the strong knees, Belle pup is thinking about you (as is the rest of our crew) and wanted me to tell you that she has hip dysplasia too. And thinks that the finger swipe of coconut oil she gets after taking pills is almost as good as the Beggin strip after her ear drops! Hang in there!

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      • Belle’s vet told us to watch her weight and make sure she has exercise. She isn’t on any medication for it
        yet. The pills are for her allergy induced double ear infection…some days it’s difficult being a pup. Her infection is much better.
        Love and cuddles Lexi of the strong knees and weak hip.

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  3. Oh my poor Mum Lexi..glad your knees are fine but ouch on the hip…i had a knee op for a luxating patella many years ago…and they cut the muscle that runs along the side of the knee and the procedure is called a lateral i am glad your knee is fine..Doc had a knee reco and he recovered super well..although being told to take your fox terrier home and keep him still for 6 weeks had the Vet laughing as he told me..he knew..almost impossible 😉 loves Fozziemum xxxx

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  4. Did your mom need help with her typing? Our mom does a horrible job of typing. Her nails are so long that she is always hitting more than one key. Are you getting operated on for your hip?


  5. Kismet has a point there! Dysplasia must be common mom has it in different parts of her body. Somethin’ to do with arthritis? Anyway I love ya Lexi and as long as you keep moving…you will be ok. Just ask mom or me. We have absolutely no medical training whatsoever.


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