Never a Dull Moment

My days are rarely dull. Sometimes it is hard work to keep them interesting, but I give it my best shot. Historically, I stay home with Dad on Mondays, and I feel like he needs to use that time to interact with me. You know, leave his office and give me treats, let me out, let me in, feed me, give me treats, etcetera. (I just learned that word, etcetera, and think it is pretty nifty.) Unfortunately, Dad disagrees, and so has been begging politely asking Mom to take me with her on Mondays as well. This Monday I thought he was going to fall on his knees and actually beg. “Please, please take her,” he said. Etcetera. So she did. Staff lunch and meeting are on Mondays. Nobody saved me a chair. So I had to sit on the floor and complain. Arrrrr. Arrrr. Arurrr. Etcetera. Each time a little louder. Finally, Mom asked Philip if he was done with his salad. “That dog’s not going to eat salad,” he said with a bit of incredulity in his voice. “Watch,” said Mom. I ate most of it and licked the rest of the lettuce clean and left it on the floor. I guess Mom felt it fit within the limits of my diet. Speaking of diet, I have lost 1.5 pounds. I can’t feel proud of that, since it was through forced starvation. Etcetera.

That was Monday. Tuesday my peeps brother Andrew and Jentry and the boy and also Riley came over and ate pizza with us. Did I mention Jentry and the boy bought a house and moved out, mostly. Well, mostly because I still see them a lot and some of their stuff is still here. Riley came in and gave me a polite nose to nose touch. I didn’t realize at the time it was his way of saying goodbye. He and Andrew are moving to another state called North Carolina.

Wednesday held even more surprises. Mom helped me into the car to go to work – my hip is worse – and I found myself on a fancy-looking new seat cover. Mom said it is to help me not slide around like I do on the leather. The colors are so bright that they reflect on my hair. It was at this point that she also noticed that I needed a bath. Grrrr. Dad commented that he felt like we now owned a Gremlin. Huh?

0916151706So off we go to work – or so I thought. Instead, we pulled into the drive through at the drug store where Mom got medicine and I got a milk bone treat. Mom must have forgotten about my diet since she let me have it. Then it was off to work for real. As soon as we got there, Mom opened the pills she had just bought and gave me one tucked into my wet food that she had so thoughtfully brought along.  The adequin shots haven’t helped yet and I can barely put any weight on my back left leg. She explained that the pill was to help with the pain in my hip. Mom texted Dad to inform him that I wouldn’t be driving today since the instructions on the medicine bottle said it could cause drowsiness and to refrain from driving. Dad answered that I shouldn’t be allowed to operate heavy equipment, either. “No problem,” Mom wrote back. “She never does.” Like she ever lets me drive, BOL! Drowsiness…0916151310

When I wasn’t engaging in power naps, I felt much more like my old self and ran around with that joie de vivre that marks my life in general. Zzzzzzz. Etcetera.

Two more surprises awaited me when we got home. Dad bought canned green beans just for me. Some of them along with their juice went on my kibble at dinner tonight. Now that’s a diet! Yum! Then I found out that Riley had been here while Andrew packed all his stuff into a big U-Haul truck. My dear little brother left me a goodbye present.

0916151704 (1)Can you see it, right there in the ray of sunshine on the carpet in the front room? He knows I used to steal them from him, and this time he gave it to me. Maybe he is a good dog after all. *wipes tear*

OH NO, Mom’s got the comb and I just heard the word bath. Gotta’ go!

20 thoughts on “Never a Dull Moment

  1. Wow! You have a lot going on, Lex. I’m so sorry to hear that your hip is still causing so much pain. At least Riley’s gone. One less pain, right? It was awfully nice of him to leave you half of his treat. Um, hold on one sec… ***no, mom, you tell her. I refuse. It’s none of our business. Oh fine…*** Lexi, my Mom told me to tell you to tell your Mom that she agrees with Kismet about using frozen beans. Canned beans have too much salt.Please note that I clearly did not want to be involved in this suggestion but I will say that frozen taste MUCH better and are way crunchier. *ear licks* Noodle


  2. You had a busy week Lexi. You are so good about taking your pill. I can’t believe it. I don’t get many pills so I’m no problem to give a pill to. Kali on the other hand has had pills on and off throughout her life sometimes for a couple of weeks at a shot. She got real good at avoiding them. However, the odd pill to be given to us gets handled differently. Mom just opens our mouth while we’re sleeping and rubs under our chin and that that.


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  3. Oh and Bonnie, Belle and Bess pups and sometimes Linus kitty enjoy playing the ” I want to go out, no wait I mean I want to come in, or wait I want you to think I want to go out so you will leave the table so I can see if I want to sample some of your supper/treat/whatever…” we have a “gotta go” chime at our house and it rings A LOT!

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  4. Oh my goodness Lexi! There is a lot going on at your house. Etcetera is such a fun word! The King of Siam in the musical “The King and I” liked that word too 🙂 I’m very glad that the medicine is helping your hip to feel better. Good Job on losing 1.5 lbs it’s tough to lose weight, and takes a team to make it happen so congratulations to you and team Lexi!

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