Home Invasion

Riley no sooner moved out than Mom came home with two more dogs on Friday. My cousin Piper is here occasionally, so no big deal. However, this is the first time his roomie, Ella has come. Previously, she couldn’t come here because Riley tried to attack her – several times.

Piper the Schnauzer - can you see where the pit bull ate part of his left ear?
Ella, already taking over Mom’s bed.
Piper the Schnauzer – can you see where the pit bull ate part of his left ear?

I tried to set them straight on who is in charge around here. Piper said, “As always.” Ella just laughed and tried to get me to play with her.
I was just about over the shock of seeing these two in my house when I heard Mom fall down the stairs Friday night. Just the last step, but that was enough to have her holding her foot and ankle and squeezing back the tears. Dad and I ran down to her and I sat close, doing therapy. She sprained her ankle and has been on crutches all weekend. I am secretly glad because Ella has been afraid of the crutches. He, he. Moms said that with Dad limping for three months with a sprained ankle, and me limping with the hip dysplasia, she must have been feeling left out.

 Today, Sunday, Mom has been getting around without the crutches, which made it easier for her to chase Ella when she started to do her pee pee downstairs. After thinking about it, Mom blamed me. How is it that I get blamed for everything. Just because I marked that spot when Riley was living here…

Now Ella has taken over my Dad:0919152133
And Piper has taken over my couch:0919152138And they have both taken over my bed:

IMG_0212_2 (2)

Come to think of it that really looks like me and Riley. Oh wait! It is! Memories…

Here is Ella and Piper on my and Mommy’s bed:


Why does that picture look so familiar?

To make things even worse, Mommy can’t take me to work with her this Monday or Tuesday. She has some seminar thing she has to attend. I bet she didn’t even ask if I could come. My hip still hurts and I gained back the weight I lost. I’m starting to feel a little depressed. Noodle, if you read this, will you please come take me on vacation?

If you remember, I asked for POTP for Piper. His diabetes is under control now with two shots a day – Mommy has to give them so Daddy doesn’t faint. Piper is also on an additional heart med for his class 4 heart murmur. His heart is enlarged, too. Dad says it is because his little heart couldn’t hold all the love he has for everyone, so it had do get bigger. Hmm, I wonder if that is true.

I am Lexi the limp-along in the doggie B&B.


15 thoughts on “Home Invasion

  1. I know it seems kind of mean for your mom to bring 2 more dogs home but she was thinking of you. She doesn’t want you to be lonely my friend. I think it was a cute gesture by your mom. Although I wouldn’t be too happy if Kali disappeared and 2 other cats popped up instead. Did your mom give you extra treats, to help you accept the newbies?


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  2. There is a lot going on! I hope mom and dad’s ankles feel 100% better soon and your medicine helps you Lexi. Try not to get frustrated with your weight gain. Hang in there and have fun with Piper and Ella.

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