Now you see her, now you don’t

Sharing the bed

Sharing the bed

Gracie the shih tzu was with us for almost a week and I was adjusting well to her living here. I had to make some changes, though. For example, when I would have normally jumped off the bed for the night, I would notice her sleeping on it and just stay put.



Where's Gracie? She's gone and so is her kennel.

Where’s Gracie? She’s gone and so is her kennel.

She didn’t try to eat my food and sometimes let me eat hers. All good. Then Mom and I came home from work one day this week and poof! she was gone. I looked all around where her kennel had been. Not a sign of her or clue where she was. She disappeared as mysteriously as she appeared. It must be Halloween!

I think she loved me though – she left me her big bag of bacon treats!


Hmmm, first the disappearing TRICK, then the TREATS. It must be Halloween!

The Amazing Spider Dog?

Mom made me a new costume.

Spider Dog? More like attacked by a spider!

Spider Dog? More like attacked by a spider!

Mom ordered the spider on She thought it would be bigger. Great, a bigger spider. (Yes, I understand sarcasm.)
We picked up The Boy and went to the church where we work on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There was a Festival in the parking lot. The Boy had a lot of fun.
I was scheduled to be the prop in the truck bed at the Trunk or Treat. Mom was going to drape a big spider web and put me under it. Thankfully, she couldn’t find the web she wanted. Plus, she saw how much fun I was having at the Festival. So she had pitty on me and didn’t make me wear this dreadful thing. Instead, I got to lay in the truck with the spider and the candy. Everyone came by and said how pretty I was while they took away my candy, piece by piece.

At first I wasn't too sure about this spider next to me. Hoping I wouldn't end up wearing it.

At first I wasn’t too sure about this spider next to me. Hoping I wouldn’t end up wearing it.

We made peace. It stays there and I stay here.

We made peace. It stays there and I stay here.

Who let THIS ONE in?

Apparently Mom forgets to lock the house door. We came home from work Wednesday and this was what was waiting for us:



She is still here two days later. She was afraid of me even though I have been very nice. I even wagged my tail at her. She has slept in my our bed the last two nights. She drinks my special water. It is hard, but I am still being nice. She is starting to warm up to me, even to the point of invading my personal space…as in her nose in my face. I hope she leaves soon. I just get rid of one, and another appears. *sigh*

The Day of the Dog at Rocktoberfest

I was having a lovely day last Sunday at Rocktoberfest. Dad did NOT use me as a prop, the sun was shining and I was enjoying the music and attention of hundreds of tourists passing through. My Lion from the Wizard of Oz was there working — without the Lion costume — and he came over and took pictures of me to show to my last Dorothy. She also works there, but was off that weekend.



Then this started happening:1018151557
And this:
Then someone spilled beer:

and they came from all over.

and they came from all over.

Do They Drown Old Dogs?

Tonight after work Mom groomed me and bathed me. Then she took me up to the big, heart-shaped tub in her bathroom and stood me in it. Then she plugged up the drain and turned on the water. It kept getting deeper and deeper. Finally, my feet floated off the bottom and I panicked. I tried to claw my way out – you should see Mom’s foot – while my heart was beating double-time.

“They drown old dogs!” I kept thinking as I kept trying to live. “Why didn’t anyone tell me that they drown old dogs?”

Finally, through the panic, I heard Mom using her soothing voice encouraging me to be calm and felt her hands holding me up. My heart rate started slowing back to normal and I found I could just barely touch the bottom. After I had settled down, Mom pushed a button that made the water swirl around me. “Hmmm,” I thought, “This feels pretty good with the water just warm enough that I can barely feel it except for it swirling around my body.”

We are hoping this will help my hip.

We are hoping this will help my hip.

She told Dad she plans to do this again tomorrow. I hope I remember how good it felt and don’t get afraid again, especially now that I know that nobody is trying to drown me.

Has Riley become a pig? (No, really)

Does anyone remember my ex-brother-traitor-who-moved-away Riley? He was so persnickety that he wouldn’t walk in the grass when it was wet. He wouldn’t go into the dog lot because he thought it was too nasty. He spent hours grooming himself like a cat, chewing the hair from between his paw pads, licking every last bit of dirt from between his toes and gnawing his nails to a perfect length. His lick, lick, lick drove me to distraction. Now, he has moved to North Carolina and either discovered he is really a pig, decided to give up and just be a dog, or is trying to fit in with the pigs. I give up, you decide.

First, the half ton pig Tulip:

Now, Riley:

Whatever he is thinking, he sure does look happy! Way to go, bro!

Snitch at work and the pin cushion schnauzer

At St. Timothy’s where Mom and I work three days a week there are a man, Joe, and his wonderful wife, Anne. Anne loves me and fusses over me every Wednesday when I see her after her yoga class. Joe used to be my friend. Then today happened. It started out innocent enough with him popping his head in my our office and saying, “Hey Amy – that’s my Mom’s other name – there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. I had to coax Lexi to follow me back to the church the other day.” Now imagine Mom furrowing her brow and looking very puzzled. Joe continues, “I was working across the street and saw her hoofing down the sidewalk toward the rental house. She was even on the road for a bit. So I came over and got her to follow me back.” At this point imagine Mom aka Amy throwing her hand across her heart and gaping like a fish out of water. I have always had the run of the church so I can go visit whomever I want. Mom has only caught me outside once when the kitchen door got left open and I was sunning myself in the grass. Caught me is the operative phrase here.  I think I am now on restriction, whatever that is. Who would have thought my ex-friend Joe was such a big snitch!

We left work early to go to my appointment at a new vet. Everyone was very nice to me there, and no one stuck a glass stick up my patootie. I’ve even lost a few more ounces. The vet’s name is Karen, which I found out when she came in the room and she and Mom started talking like old friends.  I guess that is because they worked together long before I was born and were very glad to see each other again. The vet tech is Angela. I especially like Angela: she fed me tiny pieces of treats while I stood on the table. It was so great that I didn’t even notice what was happening to me.

Lexi the Pin Cuhion

                                    Lexi the Pin Cushion


                  I’m in a sticky situation here.


Busy weekend, fun weekend

I know everyone has been waiting to find out how my weekend went after all the build-up. On Friday I discovered that the air vent under my kitchen chair tastes really good.

Yummy! I hope my tongue doesn't get stuck.

Yummy! I hope my tongue doesn’t get stuck.

It did rain on Saturday, so we slept in before going to my Auntie Jen’s to visit and help with the yard sale which was now a garage sale. Mom sold enough to cover the gas there and home, but that was all. The day was more about visiting with good friends. I was happy to see my schnauzer cousin Piper, my enthusiasm only dampened when we all got left while Mom and Auntie Jen went wedding dress shopping. Piper is going to have a new Daddy. I tried to tell him how great that is, but he insisted he already loved his Daddy-to-be and didn’t need to be told. I hate it when Piper acts like he knows as much as me.

Mommy couldn’t talk Dad out of helping with the preparations at church on Sunday, but they compromised. The Boy stayed overnight with us, and me and him and Mom met Dad down at the church so we could all go to Rocktoberfest together.

1011151120 1011151202

See Dad holding me? He used me for a prop during his first announcements. I get no respect. Hey, maybe this will be the picture for the billboards next year! The weather was perfect – no rain and temperatures in the high sixties and low seventies. I walked the trails and read everybody’s stories. We went really slow so that I didn’t have to miss much. Back at the pavilion I barked at Mom until she picked me up and danced with me. I love to dance, even if it is with Mom holding me in her arms. Lots of people spoke to me and pet me. I was very popular. I decided I didn’t want any beer today, but cleaned up all the food that got dropped on the floor and in the grass and bushes. I got a bit bored toward the end of the day so I decided to sing from the sidelines with the band. I would have joined them up front, except Mom had a good hold on my leash. When the song was done the band members tipped their hats and thanked me for the solo.

Because I had done such a good job singing, several children came over to pet me. One boy who was maybe seven or eight years old seemed hesitant to touch me. So what did I do? I climbed in his lap, pushed him over onto his back and stood on him. When he rolled to the side I climbed back on him. Then he rolled to the other side and I did the same thing. He was smiling and started laughing because he figured out I was playing a game with him. He was no longer afraid. Mission accomplished.

Yep it was a great end to a good day and a fun weekend. Tomorrow I am going to work with Mommy to the church on the  hill. After that we are going to a different vet for a consultation. This vet practice does something called holistic medicine, stuff like cold laser therapy and acupuncture. I would be up for a nice massage…

It’s been a busy weekend and I am ready for my night-night treat and bed. Sweet dreams to all.



Big Band, Yard Sale and Polka

Me and Mom are home by ourselves, and not much is happening. My Dad plays in a big band called Sweet Georgia Sound. They are playing at Covenant College on Lookout Mountain tonight. It is Daddy’s favorite “gig.”  He plays his sax, which Mom says is worth more than our car, but I’m not sure that is saying much. Sometimes he will know one of the ladies in the audience, and she will ask him to dance with her. That’s because he teaches ballroom dance and is a good dancer. I used to help teach too, but no one ever asks me to dance! I really need to get out more. It is all home or work for me.


Dad is in the front next to my friend Cathy (who has moved up North). He is the only one still wearing his tux coat.

Tomorrow Mommy is taking me to my bestest friend Jen’s house to see my schnauzer cousin Piper (and his adopted sister Ella) while she and Auntie Jen  have a yard sale. It’s going to be a fun day. Then, if Mom can talk Dad into not going to his church to help the A/V team before he goes to Rock City on Sunday, we are going with him to Rocktober Fest. I love to go to Rocktober Fest. There is music and dancing and my favorite beer. Most of all there are lots of people who drop pieces of bratwurst and potatoes. There are trails to explore and so many smells to smell.  Sometimes Mom picks me up and twirls me around the floor. Sometimes people come up and ask to pet me and I pretend that I like it so Mom and Dad will bring me back.

Daddy teaching polka. That's my bestest friend Jen in the foreground holding some unknown child.

Daddy teaching polka. That’s my bestest friend Jen in the foreground holding some unknown child who is way too young to learn to dance. Jen is in costume, too.

Daddy’s picture was in the promotional material this year. I am going to ask Mommy to take lots of pictures of me at Rocktoberfest and maybe they will use my picture on the billboard next year.

Three years ago my-ex-brother who moved away and deserted us Riley usurped my place at Rocktoberfest. He met a girl whose name was – you guessed it – Riley. Her shirt says Smile and it looks like that’s what they are both doing.

Riley (L) and Riley (R)

Riley (L) and Riley (R)


Uh, oh, it just stared storming, so the yard sale may be off (again). They  – and my bestest friend Jentry – have been trying to do this for three weeks. I might get to sleep in after all…

I am Lexi, the yard sale, polka dancing schnauzer.

Blogger Recognition Award

My most wonderful boyfriend, Noodle, who is the handsomest Schnoodle in the world, nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award.  I love awards! Thank you, Noodle!br_award
Now, according to the rules, I must explain how my blog started. Mom used to post stories of my life from time-to-time on the website Dogster. Dogster was then bought out by another company, who wanted to do away with all the blogs and just run articles and stuff like that. There was a huge uprising from both the Dogster and Catster communities and they eventually decided that was a very bad idea. In the meantime, Mom was afraid she would lose everything she had written, so she decided to download it all and turn it into a book, now available on Amazon. Then she thought, “Well, there’s still a lot going on, so I need to start a new blog just for Lexi.” That is when, with the help of my Dad, she created this blog.

I have made so many friends with my blog, I am very happy Mommy helps me with it. She went back and loaded all of my blogs from Dogster in chronological order and then started new entries. Noodle was my first new friend. He commented on my December 2014 blog. In February he asked me to be his Valentine and we have been a couple ever since. I so love to hear from all my other new friends too.

Now I need to nominate 15 other bloggers. Because so many of my friends were Noodle’s friends first, he has already nominated many who I would have chosen. So here goes:

  1. rachelmankowitz
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That’s all the blogs I can think of that Mom and I read or follow, other than the ones Noodle already listed. Listing any more would be dishonest, so we are going with honest over following the rules. *sigh*

The rules also say I have to give advise to new bloggers. Pictures. Everyone loves pictures. What’s the saying? Oh yeah, a picture is worth a thousand words, that’s it, isn’t it? Pictures, yes.

Now for The Rules:

  • Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to. Do some digging if you must! Find those blogs. You cannot nominate yourself or the person who has nominated you.
  • Write a post to show off your award! Give a brief story of how your blog got started, and give a piece or two of advice to new bloggers. Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog. List who you’ve nominated in the post.
    • Make sure to also attach the award itself! (You can do this by right-clicking, saving, and uploading the image above).
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you’ve nominated them. Provide a link to the award post you created.
  • Provide a link to the original post on Edge of Night. That way, anyone can find the original guidelines and post if needed, and we can keep it from mutating and becoming confusing! (It happens LOL).
  • Note: You can decline the award if you don’t feel up to doing the above, but remember—you have to earn it by doing the work! 🙂

Memory Monday

I was laying around the house thinking about all the fun I had as Lexi-Toto in the local productions of the Wizard of Oz. To kick things off, we all attended the Annie Awards (like the Oscars, only at our local theater) in 2006. This is where I first met lots of the people I would be working with. A couple of people asked why I (a dog) was there, but as soon as they heard I was going to play Toto, they welcomed me to their ranks. It was a formal affair, so Dad made me wear a tux collar and bow tie. It matched Mom’s red dress! Don’t they look like proud parents? I still had a few months before the play opened to grow out my hair for the Toto look.

Annie Awards Reception 2006

Annie Awards Reception 2006

Here are pictures of me with my Dorothy from the first production in 2006 and the third one in 2014. You can probably see where I put on a pound or two in those eight years. Dorothy #3 used to grunt every time she picked me up. Mom said she was sorry about the extra weight, but that she wouldn’t be able to grunt like that during the live play. BOL


2006 with my first and favorite Dorothy


2014 with my last Dorothy

I must admit, I do look and feel better since I recently lost some weight on my green bean and carrot diet.

There was a lot of publicity surrounding the production at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre. Sometimes during our six weeks of rehearsals my Dorothy and I had to stop to have our pictures made for the newspaper and playbills.

Publicity shot 2006

                Publicity shot 2006

For this picture, Mommy hid a piece of cake under my Dorothy’s right shoe. When she realized how focused I am when there is food involved, my Dorothy started rubbing hot dogs on her skin and hiding treats in her socks. See why I loved her so much? It certainly kept me with her – at least most of the time, as you will soon see.

The play ran for six weeks and I reported for duty every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoon. I would arrive in time for warm ups. I would run to the room where I could hear everyone singing, “Doe, ray, me, fah, sew, lah, me, doe,” and scratch at the door until someone opened it and let me in.  I would run to the front row and do warm ups with the cast. “Aroooo, arrrr, woof, woof!” I was so good that everyone would laugh with joy. Then we would all sing warm ups together again and everyone would laugh again. It was so much fun!

There were two distinct episodes when hot dogs in the socks did not keep me with my Dorothy. The first week on stage, I realized I could run down the stairs behind the good witch, Glenda, and visit with the audience. I had a limited amount of time so I visited quickly with just the first row, letting them know I was glad they had come. Then I tore up the opposite set of stairs and across the stage to stand next to my Dorothy in time for Glenda to point at me and ask, “Is this the witch?” Even though I never, ever missed my cue, this whole thing made Mom and my Dorothy a bit nervous, so Glenda started blocking my exit stairs with her big skirt. Drat.

A little further along into the production I realized the Wicked Witch of the West was sneaking across the back part of the stage while Dorothy, the Scarecrow and the Lion were near the front of the stage, discussing which way to go. Since not much else was happening, I thought it would be great fun to chase and bark at the Wicked Witch. She kept waving her hand and stage-whispering, “Shoo, shoo”  at me. Later I found out that my Dorothy and her friends weren’t supposed to know the Wicked Witch was there, which explained why they only looked from side to side while saying things like, “Is that Toto barking?” and “Where is Toto? Do you hear him?” The audience laughed so hard that I kept doing it every night.

I have lots more stories, but my brain is a bit tired from all this remembering, so I will share more next time. Is it supper time yet?

When losing is good and trouble at the vets

I ended up going back to see my doctor on Friday because my hip is still hurting a lot. I was sitting in the waiting room waiting for the inevitable torture when a dog at least twice my size ran out of an exam room, heading straight to me. I growled to say, “Stay out of my space,” and she growled back and jumped me. Mom risked life and limb to save me. Literally. She stuck her leg between us and broke up the fight. It took about two seconds for my adrenaline to drop back to normal and I started to shake. The dog’s name was Grace. I heard her people yelling, “Grace, Grace, stop!”  My vet came over and sat down with me. She said it was her fault for opening the door and letting Grace loose. Mom looked at everybody and said, “Shame on you all for letting Grace loose in the waiting room.” Everyone sort of hung their heads and asked again about my welfare. Of course I was fine, just a bit shaken up, but feeling better now that Grace was in trouble, her people were in trouble, the vet was in trouble and I was being “poor babied.” Unfortunately it didn’t get me out of the vet appointment, but at least no one stuck a glass stick up my patootie this time.

The vet doubled up on my pain meds and prescribed an anti-inflammatory if I seem to be having an especially bad day. She also sent home with us some antibiotics to kill the bacteria in my mouth. Mom said my mouth was starting to smell like something had crawled in there and died. Eeww.

Mom asked about surgery on my hip, like a doggie hip replacement or something. Dr. Poston said she could do surgery on my femural head – I think that is the top of the bone going into my hip – but it should be a last resort. She did say my age would not be a factor, but she wants us to try everything else first, including chiropractics, cold laser therapy and herbal medicines. We know a vet in Chattanooga who does those things, except for the chiropractics. My chiro just retired, but Mom is going to beg her to treat me, even if she doesn’t want to treat people any more. I have one more shot of adequin for today and then no more for a month. That’s what they give race horses, you know. Mommy says I am special. Mommy also has to keep a diary of what she is doing to help me and if it is helping. I can only get or do one different thing at a time so we know what is helping – or not.

The good news is that I lost – two and a half pounds, that is. I owe it all to my green bean diet. No more canned dog food for me, huh uh! I get green beans with my kibble now, and I don’t care if they are from a can, I love them and I love the juice they are in! I only get the salt-free variety. I lick my bowl clean and then go back and lick it again to be sure. For treats I get fresh green beans. Today I helped Mom cook up carrot slices for my kibble topping. I ate the pointy ends of the  fresh carrots. That’s helping, isn’t it?

I hang out a lot in the kitchen . I am a good helper.

I hang out a lot in the kitchen . I am a good helper.

My medicines and special veggies and water

My medicines and special veggies and water. And my diary. And tooth cleaning thingies.