When losing is good and trouble at the vets

I ended up going back to see my doctor on Friday because my hip is still hurting a lot. I was sitting in the waiting room waiting for the inevitable torture when a dog at least twice my size ran out of an exam room, heading straight to me. I growled to say, “Stay out of my space,” and she growled back and jumped me. Mom risked life and limb to save me. Literally. She stuck her leg between us and broke up the fight. It took about two seconds for my adrenaline to drop back to normal and I started to shake. The dog’s name was Grace. I heard her people yelling, “Grace, Grace, stop!”  My vet came over and sat down with me. She said it was her fault for opening the door and letting Grace loose. Mom looked at everybody and said, “Shame on you all for letting Grace loose in the waiting room.” Everyone sort of hung their heads and asked again about my welfare. Of course I was fine, just a bit shaken up, but feeling better now that Grace was in trouble, her people were in trouble, the vet was in trouble and I was being “poor babied.” Unfortunately it didn’t get me out of the vet appointment, but at least no one stuck a glass stick up my patootie this time.

The vet doubled up on my pain meds and prescribed an anti-inflammatory if I seem to be having an especially bad day. She also sent home with us some antibiotics to kill the bacteria in my mouth. Mom said my mouth was starting to smell like something had crawled in there and died. Eeww.

Mom asked about surgery on my hip, like a doggie hip replacement or something. Dr. Poston said she could do surgery on my femural head – I think that is the top of the bone going into my hip – but it should be a last resort. She did say my age would not be a factor, but she wants us to try everything else first, including chiropractics, cold laser therapy and herbal medicines. We know a vet in Chattanooga who does those things, except for the chiropractics. My chiro just retired, but Mom is going to beg her to treat me, even if she doesn’t want to treat people any more. I have one more shot of adequin for today and then no more for a month. That’s what they give race horses, you know. Mommy says I am special. Mommy also has to keep a diary of what she is doing to help me and if it is helping. I can only get or do one different thing at a time so we know what is helping – or not.

The good news is that I lost – two and a half pounds, that is. I owe it all to my green bean diet. No more canned dog food for me, huh uh! I get green beans with my kibble now, and I don’t care if they are from a can, I love them and I love the juice they are in! I only get the salt-free variety. I lick my bowl clean and then go back and lick it again to be sure. For treats I get fresh green beans. Today I helped Mom cook up carrot slices for my kibble topping. I ate the pointy ends of the  fresh carrots. That’s helping, isn’t it?

I hang out a lot in the kitchen . I am a good helper.

I hang out a lot in the kitchen . I am a good helper.

My medicines and special veggies and water

My medicines and special veggies and water. And my diary. And tooth cleaning thingies.

14 thoughts on “When losing is good and trouble at the vets

  1. Oh Lexi, I’m sorry you are still in a lot of pain. I hope you start feeling better soon.
    How scary that must have been to have Grace act that way toward you. I’m glad you did get hurt. Giving you a gentle cuddle. Hugs to Mom, I know that was scary for her as well.


  2. Hi Cupcake. Yes, the weight loss is for my hip and also because my heart is very slightly swollen. I don’t really care if I lose weight, just so I get to keep eating the beans and carrots. Yummy!

    I am glad you are not itchy any more. That is miserable. We are grateful for your prayers, too.


  3. You’re getting the star treatment for sure, Lexi! Weight loss is good for a sore hip. I always like when the vet has more and more ideas. When I was itchy a couple of months ago, the 3rd idea was the one that worked. Mom and I will say prayers that you are feeling better soon and that your vet and your mom keep getting ideas to help you.

    Live and licks,

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  4. Lexi…let’s start with the good news…excellent my friend. Losing weight is not easy. You’re lucky you can have veggies. Mom doesn’t particularly like us eating veggies…cats just eat meat. I’m proud of you, this was no easy feat.

    The vet *shudder*, that sure was a mean dog….probably mean cause she’s at the vet’s and scared out of her tree. Kali is going to the vet’s soon because of her hip. Kali doesn’t want to move around much and mom thinks its because she hurts. Kali doesn’t even like mom touching her hip but mom doesn’t know how to ease her pain so the vet’s is the best choice at this point.

    Hope the meds work and get rid of the pain Lexi.



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    • Hi Shoko. I forgot to mention that a cat wandered into my exam room and gave me a nose greeting while Mom and the doc were talking. That was mighty friendly of her.

      Cats just eat meat?? But how do you get all your vitamins? Have you ever tried veggies? You might like them for a treat.

      The vet told us that Gracie was always so sweet, she never thought she would be mean to another dog. Still, no excuse.

      The vet also said Mom could use a heating pad and that there are now heated beds for dogs and that would help, but I get too hot and lay on the cold tile floor a lot, so you know I am not going to lay in a heated bed. Maybe heat would help Kali’s hip. A cat who used to be my neighbor laid under a heat lamp. Maybe she had a bad hip… Do you and Kali ever take fish oil? That’s good for your joints and good, too! Your mom could get some liquid fish oil to pour over your cooked carrots to eat while you are in your heated beds….. he, he.
      POTP for Kali.


      • What a nice cat to give you a nose kiss. She was probably afraid too unless she’s the vet’s cat. Grace showed absolutely no grace when she ran at you, whether she was scared or not….bad behaviour indeed. Mom has read so much material on cats and raw diets and cooked diets, adding supplements. It makes me dizzy. She lately read an article from a good source that stated cats should have veggies because, like you say, of the vitamins in the veggies. I’ve told mom to go for it….let’s try it. She will start with some peas and then some shredded carrot. We have to watch Kali because she has a food allergy and only 4 teeth. She appears to be over the worst of the food allergy….now she gets itchy, usually around the neck. No more diarrhea though. That was gross! Mom has thought of fish oil but her cheap side comes through. She has spent a fair bit of money getting powders, creams and all sorts of things for Kali and they don’t work or Kali has a strange reaction. How much would a kitty require?

        I love the idea of a heating pad. Mom could put one in her basket. Kali is having a good day today. She is up and being nosy. Makes mom feel good.
        So mom will start on the veggies tonight and we’ll see. The next thing is to get us to eat these gems from the garden. Thanks for the info Lexi.


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      • Any time, Shoko. I hope Kali likes the peas. I am not allowed to have them because they have about eight times the calories as the beans. And the idea – at least Mom and the vet’s idea – is for me to lose weight. *sigh*


  5. Hi Lexi,
    Sorry to hear you are in pain 😦
    Glad to hear the green beans are doing the trick on the weight loss front 🙂
    My Mom says has the vet said if hydro therapy would be any good for your condition ??
    Love Big Oscar xxxx

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