Big Band, Yard Sale and Polka

Me and Mom are home by ourselves, and not much is happening. My Dad plays in a big band called Sweet Georgia Sound. They are playing at Covenant College on Lookout Mountain tonight. It is Daddy’s favorite “gig.”  He plays his sax, which Mom says is worth more than our car, but I’m not sure that is saying much. Sometimes he will know one of the ladies in the audience, and she will ask him to dance with her. That’s because he teaches ballroom dance and is a good dancer. I used to help teach too, but no one ever asks me to dance! I really need to get out more. It is all home or work for me.


Dad is in the front next to my friend Cathy (who has moved up North). He is the only one still wearing his tux coat.

Tomorrow Mommy is taking me to my bestest friend Jen’s house to see my schnauzer cousin Piper (and his adopted sister Ella) while she and Auntie Jen  have a yard sale. It’s going to be a fun day. Then, if Mom can talk Dad into not going to his church to help the A/V team before he goes to Rock City on Sunday, we are going with him to Rocktober Fest. I love to go to Rocktober Fest. There is music and dancing and my favorite beer. Most of all there are lots of people who drop pieces of bratwurst and potatoes. There are trails to explore and so many smells to smell.  Sometimes Mom picks me up and twirls me around the floor. Sometimes people come up and ask to pet me and I pretend that I like it so Mom and Dad will bring me back.

Daddy teaching polka. That's my bestest friend Jen in the foreground holding some unknown child.

Daddy teaching polka. That’s my bestest friend Jen in the foreground holding some unknown child who is way too young to learn to dance. Jen is in costume, too.

Daddy’s picture was in the promotional material this year. I am going to ask Mommy to take lots of pictures of me at Rocktoberfest and maybe they will use my picture on the billboard next year.

Three years ago my-ex-brother who moved away and deserted us Riley usurped my place at Rocktoberfest. He met a girl whose name was – you guessed it – Riley. Her shirt says Smile and it looks like that’s what they are both doing.

Riley (L) and Riley (R)

Riley (L) and Riley (R)


Uh, oh, it just stared storming, so the yard sale may be off (again). They  – and my bestest friend Jentry – have been trying to do this for three weeks. I might get to sleep in after all…

I am Lexi, the yard sale, polka dancing schnauzer.

9 thoughts on “Big Band, Yard Sale and Polka

  1. You certainly live a varied life. We don’t get to do all of those fun things. Mom is going to be the barista at the Acoustic Jam next week at the library. She did it last month and they asked her to do it again this month. She forgot Shelby in her crate last month and spend some time looking for hr when she got home from the jam,.

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    • Bararararar. That’s me laughing about your Mom hunting Shelby while she sat quietly in her crate. That’s cool about your Mom being the barista. Why don’t you ask your Mom to take you to Fall Festivals and stuff. It is so much fun!


      • Three unruly dogs, one dog that hates being in a car and cries constantly in it, do not make for a pleasant experience. My daughter and Rocky had unexpectedly come for a morning visit and I was running late. I walked the dogs before lunch instead of after. It was a whole bunch of things that were out of place.I am never late and I rushed out. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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