Snitch at work and the pin cushion schnauzer

At St. Timothy’s where Mom and I work three days a week there are a man, Joe, and his wonderful wife, Anne. Anne loves me and fusses over me every Wednesday when I see her after her yoga class. Joe used to be my friend. Then today happened. It started out innocent enough with him popping his head in my our office and saying, “Hey Amy – that’s my Mom’s other name – there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. I had to coax Lexi to follow me back to the church the other day.” Now imagine Mom furrowing her brow and looking very puzzled. Joe continues, “I was working across the street and saw her hoofing down the sidewalk toward the rental house. She was even on the road for a bit. So I came over and got her to follow me back.” At this point imagine Mom aka Amy throwing her hand across her heart and gaping like a fish out of water. I have always had the run of the church so I can go visit whomever I want. Mom has only caught me outside once when the kitchen door got left open and I was sunning myself in the grass. Caught me is the operative phrase here.  I think I am now on restriction, whatever that is. Who would have thought my ex-friend Joe was such a big snitch!

We left work early to go to my appointment at a new vet. Everyone was very nice to me there, and no one stuck a glass stick up my patootie. I’ve even lost a few more ounces. The vet’s name is Karen, which I found out when she came in the room and she and Mom started talking like old friends.  I guess that is because they worked together long before I was born and were very glad to see each other again. The vet tech is Angela. I especially like Angela: she fed me tiny pieces of treats while I stood on the table. It was so great that I didn’t even notice what was happening to me.

Lexi the Pin Cuhion
                                    Lexi the Pin Cushion
                  I’m in a sticky situation here.


15 thoughts on “Snitch at work and the pin cushion schnauzer

  1. GAH! Lexi! Don’t bust out of work anymore. Next thing you know your mom will start leaving you home. Trust me. I know….. I guess they don’t call it acuPUNCTURE for nuthin’. Yikes!

    Love and licks,

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  2. Ya know Joe was just trying to keep you safe right Lexi?
    I’m proud of you for doing such a good job when you had the acupuncture done. I hope it helps sweet girl. I saw a pup who reminded me of you this past weekend when I went to a therapy dog practice .Love and cuddles

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    1. Maybe Joe was, but I’m afraid it is going to mess up my time at work. That’s nice you thought about me over the weekend.
      I am actually looking forward to going back for another treatment next week.


      1. I bet mom will think of a way to help you remember what to do to stay safe.
        I’m glad you are looking forward to your next treatment, that means it wasn’t too bad.

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  3. What a weinie Joe is!! I’ll bet he was proud of himself too….makes ya wonder about peeps. Are you getting acupuncture Lesi? I’ve heard acupuncture is good for a lot of ailments. Kali is trying Reika….think that’s the spelling.


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    1. Yes, I think that’s why all those needles were sticking out of my head and back. I also got cold laser treatment and a vitamin B12 shot. I go back in a week for it to all happen again. Someone at Dad’s church practices reika. Is it helping Kali?


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