The Day of the Dog at Rocktoberfest

I was having a lovely day last Sunday at Rocktoberfest. Dad did NOT use me as a prop, the sun was shining and I was enjoying the music and attention of hundreds of tourists passing through. My Lion from the Wizard of Oz was there working — without the Lion costume — and he came over and took pictures of me to show to my last Dorothy. She also works there, but was off that weekend.


Then this started happening:1018151557
And this:
Then someone spilled beer:

and they came from all over.
and they came from all over.

12 thoughts on “The Day of the Dog at Rocktoberfest

    1. Yes, I remembered my Lion. He was so cuddly and sweet to me in the play. I never meant to get “residual” pee all over his arm at the beginning of every 2nd half of the show, honest! And he never even complained, although his costume did start smelling a lot like me.
      Of COURSE you would be scared of those big dogs. You are a C-A-T! BOL!!


    1. Well, Dad announced over the microphone that he needed “Amy” to come into the pavilion to help with the polka lesson. (Amy is my Mom.) So she helped with the lesson while a total stranger held my leash and I begged to be able to help teach, too. I didn’t get any beer.

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