Super Dog Revealed

We headed home on Wednesday morning and drove about nine hours before stopping at our new friend, Baymont Hotel in Metropolis, IL. While Dad was checking out of Baymont on Thanksgiving morning, I decided I would drive for a while. Dad came back and said, “No.”

Can someone work the pedals for me?

Can someone please work the pedals for me?

It seemed that we had already escaped the cold of NW Indiana as it was already 60 degrees at 8:00 in the morning.



So, instead of getting right on the Interstate, we decided to look around. Everyone seemed to still be asleep as we cruised by old, but well-kept homes, to the city’s small downtown. We saw a giant statue of Superman and lots of gift shops. If the name Metropolis sounds familiar, it is because it is the home of Superman, as well as…







Since we work at a Methodist Church, and since Mom and Dad didn’t seem to be in any hurry to get home, Dad took 1126150759a shot of us in front of the Methodist Church across from the city’s newspaper, the Planet. The church was founded in 1853! We sent the picture of us as well as one of the plaque with the information about the church to our friend, Pastor Evelyn, to say Happy Thanksgiving.








She took my kibble away.

She took my kibble away.

I'm so bored.

I’m so bored.

We finally got back on the road. My food dish was in the back seat, and it contained only dry kibble. In protest, I used my nose to try turning over the bowl. Mom told me to stop, so I tried harder. More loudly, she again told me to stop, so I tried even harder. She kept getting louder and so did my efforts until Dad broke out laughing at us both. At that, Mom reached back and removed my bowl of crap food from the back seat.
We finally made it back home in time to cook steak and squash for Thanksgiving supper. I sat at the table with my peeps and had a bit for myself. I can hardly wait for Christmas…Riley and my peep brother Andrew are coming home and I bet there will be lots of good food!

Over the River and through the Woods, to Grandmother’s House We Go

Yes, we crossed some pretty big rivers to get to Grandma Jean’s, among them the Tennessee and Ohio Rivers. Once we hit the area where Grandma lives, called The Territories, we saw lots of wooded areas. So I am sticking with my Christmas song for Thanksgiving week. If you remember, it had started to snow just before we pulled into the garage. It snowed all evening and all night and most of the next morning. There was about 8 inches of snow here in Northwestern Illinois and the temperature outside was down in the teens. Today it warmed up into the 40’s and the snow started to melt.

I am coming in from where I go out to potty. I can smell where the herd of deer ran through the front yard.

I am coming in from where I go out to potty. I can smell where the herd of deer ran through the front yard.

My bestest and only boyfriend Noodle has blogged about sitting in his Grandma’s lap when she comes to visit. It looks very cozy.

My newest friend Dante just finished a long visit with his Grandma. He rode around on her walker and got lots of kissies.

I miss my Grandma who went to Heaven. I spent a lot of time with her, almost every day for awhile until she had to move to assisted care. It is nice to remember that I have another granny, Grandma Jean, even if she is so far away. While I am here, I decided to try one of Dante’s favorite things with his granny.

I've been a good girl and get a ride.

I’ve been a good girl and get a ride.

Today, everyone left without me.

*stretch* They have been gone for hours.

*stretch* They have been gone for hours.

When everyone came home, I spent some time with my peep cousin, Josie. She is a good petter.

I have a new friend.

       I have a new friend.

We are heading home in two days. Just when I started getting used to everything and everyone. Oh wait, that means… Road Trip!

Road Trip

Dad picked us up at the church and we left for the North right after work on Thursday. We drove a few hours before stopping at a different hotel than we usually use. Mom said it was a lot less expensive and it wouldn’t hurt to try it. It’s name was Baymont. We used to stay at the one called Holiday Inn Express. Our Baymont room had one of those beds as big as Kansas. It was so big I could sleep in it all night without even touching anyone. So I took advantage of that and curled up in the bend of my Dad’s legs.

In the morning I waited in the room while Mom went out to hunt a chicken so I could have my usual on-a-trip scrambled eggs. Apparently Metropolis, Illinois doesn’t have chickens because she came back empty-handed. We all piled back in the car and a couple of hours down the road stopped at one of my favorite places. You guessed it – Mickey D’s! Mommy got out a bowl and poured some kibble, and green peas in it, then topped it with lots of scrambled eggs. Hallelujah, someone must have found a chicken.

For lunch, Mommy and I had hot dogs.

For me? Let me taste it.

For me? Let me taste it.

OMD! I want it!

OMD! I want it!

Bring that hot dog back here!

Bring that hot dog back here!

























After my hot dog, I got really thirsty.


It started snowing about 30 minute before we got to Grandma Jean’s house. Thankfully, it hadn’t started sticking on the road yet and we pulled safely into her garage before the blizzard hit. More on that and my visit later.

I am Lexi: have hot dog, will travel.

A Happy Riddle

Riddle: What does a rag + a gauze pad + duck tape + a baby sock + safety pins=?


                        NO MORE COLLAR OF SHAME

Dad took me for my wonderful acupuncture treatment today. Dr Karen, who is my favorite vet in the whole world, said the wound where my nail was removed was slightly infected. She put me on antibiotics which also doubled as the second round of antibiotics for the bacteria giving me bad breath. Dad said we couldn’t drive all the way to Illinois with my breath like that. My BFF Dr. Karen also said I could lick my wound a little and it would be ok, but not a lot. I am like a sugar addict with a bowl of frosting when I start licking. A little is never enough.

Mom knows how much I hate the lampshade thingie, so she thought up this scheme to make it easy to change out the dressing without me losing all the hair on my right lower leg. Yes, she has had to cut the hair from the duck tape every time she changed the dressing, which she claims is why she started making me wear the dreaded e-collar.  Mom permanently (well, it sure does seem permanent) attached a soft rag around my leg just above the knee with white duck tape. Then she pulled a pink striped baby sock that she found at the Dollar Tree (2 sets of 2 sock for $1 – go wild Mom!) over the gauze square that she had placed around the toe end of my foot. Then she pulled the baby sock up to the rag and safety pinned it in place. Now all she has to do is unpin the sock to change the gauze. I got it off in the first hour when Mom used regular paper tape to attach the rag to my hair. So we are back to white duck tape. Or is it duct tape? Franklin, will you weigh in on this? Franklin?

So, a trip to Illinois. Dad’s rude comment was the first and last I have heard about a trip. I love trips. My Grandma Sandy lives in Illinois. I will let you know more when I get the low-down.

I licked it


There is a wound where I lost my toenail. There is a red hole where my toenail should be.

I licked it. Mom bandaged it. I was patient for two days. This morning I tried to chew off the bandage. Mom cut off the dressing.

I licked it. Mom put the collar of shame around my neck and a bandaid on my toe. Mom left.

Mom returned and I guilted her into removing the collar of shame.

I licked it. Guess what happened next.

Toenail Troubles: Blood everywhere

If you are squeamish about b-l-o-o-d, then skip the parts I tell you to skip. Remember, I warned you.

I have been getting treated for my left hip having dysplasia. B12 shots, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, all good. I was starting to feel much better and not even limping, then I started limping on my right foot and licking it incessantly. Mom couldn’t see anything wrong with it, but we both knew it hurt or I wouldn’t be licking it. Finally, she saw that my middle toenail was jutting out at an odd angle. She trimmed it back a little so it wasn’t hitting the floor when I walked and that helped, but not enough. Alert, skip the next paragraph if you are faint of heart (FoH).

This morning started out with me tracking blood all over the kitchen floor. Other places too, but no one noticed until I hit the white tile floor.

You FoH people can start reading again.

Mom put a cheap, disposable plastic glove over my foot, then tied a cheap green bandana – that I refused to wear around my neck – around the glove. She called the new vet and we got the first appointment of the day. I was in the car about 3 seconds before I had that horrible glove-bandana contraption off and was back to licking it. Pretty soon not only my breath but the whole car smelled like blood. Oops, sorry, forgot to give the warning.

We got the the vet’s office and a different doctor, Dr. Smith, saw me. Let me add here that when Mom saw the vet tech walk in the room with the glass stick, Mom said, “No, I don’t think Lexi will need her temperature taken today. Let’s try to keep this a good place for her to come.” Yay, Mommy! While we waited for the vet to come in, Mom explained to me that he might have to do something that would hurt a lot, but it would be quick and my foot wouldn’t hurt any more after that.

This next part might be a bit much for you FoH folks. Just sayin’, proceed at your own risk. Hey, there’s a nice picture at the bottom!

The doc examined my nail and told Mom it was only hanging on by a thread, or the quick, or something like that, and he would have to pull it off. Mom said he could get her from the waiting room when he was done and she deserted me. I knew she was waiting to hear my scream, so I just gritted my teeth and didn’t make a sound. I waited for my revenge, which came as soon as the vet let go of my foot. I shook it as hard as I could and blood sprayed all over the entire room. Ha, ha, ha. That’ll teach them. They had to clean everything before they could go get Mom and tell her I was ready to go.

OK, you FoH folks. You can finish reading now.

I went to work with my foot all bandaged up. They even put a little no-slip pad on the bottom to keep me from, well, from slipping. Tonight Mom had to take it off to check it and re-wrap it. She didn’t do as good of a job, but I guess that’s cause they are professionals. She even lost the tape sometime between removing the old wrap, spraying cold water on my poor foot to remove the dried b-l-o-o-d, towel drying it, and wrapping it again. Now I have a layer of gauze, a layer of vet wrap, and a layer of white duck tape. Sheesh.


Does this look like a happy schnauzer to you?

Memory Monday: Lexi-Toto

I have had three sessions of acupuncture and B12 shots for my hip. Since my last visit, I have been running around like a puppy, up and down stairs and all over the place. Until today. I woke up hurting. Mom called the vet and Dad is taking me Wednesday morning for another treatment. I don’t mind going to this vet. They are super nice to me and feed me so many treats I don’t even notice what they are doing. In the meantime, I got another hydrotherapy (bath in the jetted tub) and a buffered aspirin. Mom sat in the tub with me and said she was very proud because I didn’t even shake this time. I just have tomorrow to get through until I get some more relief with the acupuncture.

Now, about Memory Monday. Since several of you expressed your delight in reading about my times as Lexi-Toto, and since I never tire of thinking about it, I have decided to share more stories of those years. My career spanned three productions over the period of eight years.

As I’ve mention, the first production – the one in Chattanooga at the Theatre Centre – was my favorite. Here are some of my first thoughts about the experience, posted during that time.

A local bakery donated biscuits in the shape of hot dogs with a hole in the center so that a stick could be put through them. You know, so it would look like a hot dog being roasted over a campfire. Mr. Marvel would lower the stick while he was talking with My Dorothy and I would run and pull the hot dog biscuit off the stick. The audience loved it. Then Mr. Marvel always chuckled and said, “What’s a sausage between two friends?” Or something like that. One time I was still chewing when My Dorothy grabbed me up into her arms and swung sharply around to try to head back home before the tornado. That was right when I was opening my mouth to chew, and pieces sprayed all over stage. In a subsequent scene I made sure to clean the stage!

It wasn’t all fun and games and treats. There were those dreaded flying monkeys. When they started screeching and flying – yes flying – at me I would run as fast as I could across the stage, heading for my kennel dressing room. Most of the time Mom would catch me and hand me over. Traitor! Didn’t she know those monkeys were terrifying? At least I was compensated each time with an extra treat from the head monkey, who had to run back out on the stage with me when the scene changed. That’s when everyone found out I wasn’t a water breed. When the wicked witch told him to take me and throw me in the river, he would always fumble and I would leap from his arms and, this time, make it straight into my kennel dressing room.

Sunday afternoons were fun shows. There were always lots of little people and they adored me. After the show, folks were allowed to come up and have their picture taken with some of the cast. They could ask for who they wanted in the picture with them, such as Toto, or Dorothy and Toto, or the Lion and Toto or the Tin Man and Toto or the Scarecrow and Toto or Glenda and Toto. They usually asked for My Dorothy and Toto. Even then I loved having my picture taken! That’s how we met my Auntie Jen. The story goes something like this: Jen saw my picture in the newspaper and said, “How did Piper’s picture get in the paper?” When she read the article she found out that my cousin Piper and I came from the same breeder. She e-mailed the breeder and got my Mom’s e-mail address. They started corresponding like that until my almost Auntie Jen came to see me perform. It was an instant friendship between us all, and we are now all family. Isn’t that super neat? I don’t know why people think you have to be born into a family to BE family. After all, both my Mom and I were adopted and we couldn’t be more family! Same with my Auntie Jen…I love my Auntie Jen.

I think that’s all I can tell you for now. My hip is starting to hurt again and I need to rest. Next time I will tell you about receiving the Annie Award, about attending other plays at the theater, and maybe even about my second time playing Toto, two years later. I’ll have some pictures to show you, too. In the meantime, if you get lost, just remember to follow the yellow brick road.

My all-time favorite thing…the stage. And this is a montage, so it counts as one picture, as Noodle said!


Lexi, the Toto